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    View Distance in MP

    Hello, I'm curently trying to setup a coop mission. However, one of my main problems is the view distance. It isn't like playing singleplayer where you can set the view distance as you like. It seems to be reset to an arbitrary value ( looks like 900m for me? ). Is there any way to solve this problem? Here are some solutions I tried during the mission creation process: A.) Place a GameLogic object and set the viewDistance to 2000m ( Result: No changes to the multiplayer view distance ) B.) Place an init.sqf or init.sqs file inside the missions folder and add the line "setviewdistance 2000" to it ( Result: No changes regarding the view distance ) C.) Set the view distance of individual units ( Result: No changes. However, there is no indication that this solution would work 😕 ) Did I miss something essential or is the view distance hard-coded for multiplayer games?