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  1. That's what's showing in the console fake_module: addon missing 'bl_info' gives bad performance!: 'C:\\Users\\tomky\\AppData\\Roaming\\Blender Foundation\\Blender\\2.82\\scripts\\addons\\MDLexporter.py' edit: ok so I reinstalled blender and remade my model...and now it works, software is weird
  2. If you mean check the box in the addons settings, then yes
  3. Hello, I might sound stupid, surely there is something trivial I am missing because Im not yet very familiar with Blender, but when I install the addon, it shows that I've installed in Blender, but after that I can't see any Arma tools tools or no option to export in .P3D either.. is there something I am missing? Tried it in blender 2.81 and now in 2.82 and still, cant see any tools, even if the addon manager shows its installed. Thanks in advance!