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  1. Erwan Pilet

    Mission Restart infini

    Thank you for your help, I copy all my entities on my map and transfer to a blank card but nothing, do you know that the solution is to re-schedule my mission?
  2. Erwan Pilet

    Mission Restart infini

    i just delete the ia via eden a checkbox. I use @life_server @ extDB3 @ kelleysisland_2 (Map) @ cba_a3 (@metis_nature) and another mod that I removed all the items on the map and on the mission.sqm I'll check all my mods and games right away and keep you posted I have a dedicated server on linux, I paid attention to the capital letter and I want to thank you for your help
  3. Erwan Pilet

    Mission Restart infini

    precisely, it is impossible to take a slots, when I select a slots it goes strictly nothing, and the mission this stop and this raise
  4. Erwan Pilet

    Mission Restart infini

    Hello, I present my problem to you. I code an arma 3 server (Life) just for fun, So I install a card on my server which works very well blank, I started an edition of the card with points, buildings .. I added 3 mods to add the content to my card and the drama. I wanted to test the mission, but Impossible. When I launch the mission, it starts again in loop every 2-3 min so impossible to play. When I launch manually, the mission starts after 4 - 5 min, but impossible to take a slot machine and launch the mission