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    12 hours later in MP

    Why this line? if (isDedicated) then {}; Well to be honest i "Borrowed" this script lines from other missions. I'm still learning scripting. I looked at a few tutorials for publicVariables but it's hard to understand as a NOOB. So I think i'm going to learn scripting better so i can make my own scripts, "Borrow" other script lines is nice but with only the Basics for scripting I have no clue how to start making my own scripts. Thanks pierremgi for your help!!!
  2. Hey all, I'm working on a MP mission were the players clear 2 Objectives. When the Obj. are cleared i want them to go to sleep and wake up 6 hours later. This all I want to do in a black screen. I've (stole) other scripts and put them together and so far i have this: if (isDedicated) then {}; sleep 1; _output = "<t color='#ffffff' size='0.6' font='PuristaLight' shadow='1'>Objectives done,"+ "<t color='#ffffff' size='0.6' font='PuristaBold' shadow='1'> Let's rest for a while.</t>"; [[_output, 0, 0.5, 8, 1],"BIS_fnc_dynamicText"] call BIS_fnc_MP; sleep 2; CutText ["","Black out",1]; sleep 1; _output = "<t color='#ffffff' size='0.6' font='PuristaLight' shadow='1'>12 HOURS LATER...."+ "<t color='#ffffff' size='0.6' font='PuristaBold' shadow='1'> SOMEWHERE DEEP IN THE JUNGLE.</t>"; [[_output, 0, 0.5, 8, 1],"BIS_fnc_dynamicText"] call BIS_fnc_MP; skipTime 14; { if(side _x == west) then { _x SetPos getMarkerPos "part2"; } } foreach allPlayers; sleep 2; CutText ["","Black in",1]; It all works fine in SP (Editor) but not in MP on our Dedicated server. There is no blackscreen. Can somebody help me please.
  3. @pierremgi Thank you so much for your help pierremgi, it works perfect.
  4. I made a movie of it so you can see what my idea is. https://youtu.be/dqyZPXixlDA The door are 2 planks turned over. The key is a picture.paa of a jail-key on a noticeboard with 1 noticeboard behind (only a nail) and those 2 noticeboards are hide/unhide.
  5. Hey Guys I'm trying to make my own script for our server. I always build my missions as far as possible in the editor, so without a lot of scripting. But i really want to start building my own scripts. I know the basics but to build one on my own it's hard to do. This script that I'm trying to make is for Mp, it works perfect in SP. This is what i want to make: Players have to clear an office and find a key. With that key the can open a door to a tunnel. So if they go first to the tunnel entrance and wanna open the door it says (addAction)"Find Keys Nearby, to free POW's." Then they have to go and find the keys. When they find the key it says (addAction)"You got the Keys. Now open the door." Then back to the door it says (addAction)"Door is open, Good job!!" and it opens the door (door1 hideObject true;). It works perfect in SP and for the Player who found the keys the door opens, but for the other players the door stayed closed. I hope somebody can help me with my first script. I looked at a lot of tutorials for basic scripting but to write your first script is very difficult. So i really hope someone can help me. These are my scripts: 2 addActions key1_pickup.sqf openJailDoor.sqf //------------------------------------------- I have a picture of a key called "key1" and a door called "door1" //initPlayerLocal.sqf key1 addAction ["<t color='#f5f5f7'>Take the Key</t>", "scripts\key1_pickup.sqf", [], 7, true, true, "", "isNil 'key1taken' && player distance key1 < 3"]; door1 addAction ["<t color='#f5f5f7'>Door Locked</t>", "scripts\openJailDoor.sqf", [], 7, true, true, "", "isNil 'door1taken' && player distance door1 < 3"]; //------------------------------------------- //key1_pickup.sqf if (isNull player) exitWith {}; if (!isNil "key1taken") exitWith {}; removeAllActions key1; _p = switch (toUpper (stance player)) do { case "STAND": {"erc"}; case "CROUCH": {"knl"}; case "PRONE": {"pne"}; }; _w = switch (toLower (currentWeapon player)) do { case (toLower (primaryWeapon player)): {"rfl"}; case (toLower (handgunWeapon player)): {"pst"}; default {"non"}; }; _anim = format ["AmovP%1MstpSrasW%2Dnon_AinvP%1MstpSrasW%2Dnon_Putdown", _p, _w]; player playMove _anim; sleep 1; deleteVehicle key1; key1taken = true; publicVariableServer "key1taken"; sleep 1; _output = "<t color='#ffffff' size='1' font='PuristaBold' shadow='1'>You got the Keys."+ "<t color='#ffffff' size='0.8' font='PuristaLight' shadow='1'><br/>Now open up the door.</t>"; [[_output, 0, 0.5, 8, 1],"BIS_fnc_dynamicText"] call BIS_fnc_MP; //------------------------------------------- //openJailDoor.sqf if (isNull player) exitWith {}; if (!isNil "key1taken") then { door1 hideObject true; sleep 1; _output = "<t color='#ffffff' size='1' font='PuristaBold' shadow='1'>Door is open,"+ "<t color='#ffffff' size='0.8' font='PuristaLight' shadow='1'><br/>Good job!!</t>"; [[_output, 0, 0.5, 8, 1],"BIS_fnc_dynamicText"] call BIS_fnc_MP; } else { _output = "<t color='#ffffff' size='1' font='PuristaBold' shadow='1'>Find Keys Nearby,"+ "<t color='#ffffff' size='0.8' font='PuristaLight' shadow='1'><br/>To free POW's.</t>"; [[_output, 0, 0.5, 8, 1],"BIS_fnc_dynamicText"] call BIS_fnc_MP; };