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  1. dirtpoor

    Hideout vs. Hideout

    If someone blew up my fort after hours and hours and hours of upgrading and it downgraded I would just quit the game. I dunno why you wannna punish people for shooting people in a shooting game they already have killstreak reveal player. The only way i want revenge raid is if u just steal eachothers resources. Or a new Fort vs Fort map that players can spend money for nice decoration to get their fort voted and give the game makers more money.
  2. dirtpoor

    Hideout vs. Hideout

    The revenge raid sounds cool but i dunno about the base degrade! Maybe they just rob some of your resource stored up.
  3. dirtpoor

    Devs take notice

    We gotta start makign insane new pvp videos and get excited over stolen loot so people find the game more.
  4. dirtpoor

    streaming teamkiller

    Im going to subscribe to this strange guy he seems fun. Does he run around the map trying to survive after TK or does he leave each map?
  5. dirtpoor

    Are gun skins permanent?

    I havent really used the skins much and not sure exactly how they work. Does it only apply once and then a person can steal your skinned gun? Or do you use it once and its on all your guns forever?
  6. Its officially garbage now and should be removed from game. Me and my brother spent tons of time being super sneaky and we both had mosin, and we both counted to 3 and chest shot a dude at medium long distance and the guy just shrugged it off and ran up a mountain and killed us both with his teammate. Even from close range the Mosin now takes 2 chest shots unless you hit them in the neck or shoulders. This gun just makes the game extremely frustrating because even when you land a heartshot on a guy with a fully automatic he just charges at you in wipes you out. The gun serves no purpose now as a thomson on single fire is WAY better. Mosin used to be my favorite gun but now I think they should remove it from the game because it is so wimpy for a bolt action rifle witha huge bullet.
  7. Just a new button on the right that spawns in random scarecrows from random distances in random place.
  8. dirtpoor

    Testing and Dev response

    One think I admit is the battle pass seems pretty expensive and high. 20 dollars for a battle pass will turn alot of people off even though these developers deserve it. They might wanna lower the price to 5$ each battle pass and advertise their amazing intense perma loot stealing pvp in more youtube videos because this game is REALLY fun.
  9. dirtpoor

    Testing and Dev response

    You do know that lots of the guns are inaccurate by nature and in this game you need to crouch and prone and practice with sniper bullet drop in the firing range. In this game long distance shooting is hard kinda like real life. Not some cartoon fortnight. Try running around firing a sniper rifle standing up in real life its pretty hard.
  10. dirtpoor

    Dying at the same time..

    HAHAHAHA! It happens in real life. Both shooters die.
  11. dirtpoor


    I can see like 1 bear at the top of a mountain. He scares players that get to close to it and players remember where "The Bear" is, not a whole bunch of bear just ONE bear. +100 food. But the bear would die in like 1 rifle shot to the head or body not like fake video game bear that take 500 shots. Deer that run through town count as +10 food. Hungry dog that attack you or chase you barking annoying you so players can find you. (maybe if you bring the annoying dog to a dead animal he will eat it if you dont kill him and then follow you silently and chase a new player barking?) Pidgeon that counts as +1 food. A fishing game for back at base the player can play to get +food
  12. dirtpoor

    Hideout vs. Hideout

    Look the Portable Radar is too heavy to bring into Scavange/Manhunt missions you could never haul it. It is only for PvP Fort vs PvP Fort pvp mode. Because you have either mobile station in your fort or you have stationary station in your fort. This will make players want to buy amazing cosmetics for their fort so everyone votes for it for the match.
  13. dirtpoor

    Hideout vs. Hideout

    The mobile radar would only be for Hideout vs Hideout game mode. The game is good but if they dont add to it noone will pay for it. I like how you fight for resource and can escape the map early but this game will never make it big the way it is now even though it is pretty good and has good idea. In a survival game FORT vs FORT makes sense. Why wouldnt 5 people who all live in one area defend against 5 people that live from another area? 5 vs 5 isnt a BIG TEAM BATTLES its just a fort vs fort. The only reason why I downloaded this game to be honest is because I thought it was going to be a survival game kinda like rust except you dont have to build your base manually, it is auto built. The pvp is fun but it turns out yout cant even use your house in pvp! what the heck!
  14. dirtpoor

    Let xbox stream game

    Hey I try to stream Vigor on Xbox and it says "This game does not allow streaming" ??? Why is that? It should be on.
  15. dirtpoor

    Hideout vs. Hideout

    Idea for house upgrades for combat. One choice between Stationairy Radar and Mobile Radar: Stationairy Radar makes your house super defensive allowing you to see radar up to mile out. Mobile Radar allows you to grab a pack at your house that lets you dominate away from homes, letting you see 300 feet radar mobily.