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  1. Capt-Bullet

    Map Script Help

    Well then why when i make a Co-op or Mp mission scenario i don have it already build in ?
  2. Hello guys im working on a small mission for me and my friends to play and i wanna know how do i get this to work like when i play other mod like weasteland that you click on that little circle and it zoom in to where you character is locate on the map how can i make that is there an scrip or how's that work to add it to my mission this what im talking about just to make it clear https://imgur.com/giovj93
  3. Capt-Bullet

    Disable ESC key while dialog open

    Brooooo this work like a charm thanks so much i was going crazy with this thanks guys i really appreciate
  4. Capt-Bullet

    Disable ESC key while dialog open

    Thanks guys for all the help but now i have one question with one i use and do i put it on the onPlayerRespawn.sqf or do i put it on the dialog code it self ... i can upload like a simple mission or the code it self and again thanks all u guys for the help this is my first time doing all this
  5. Capt-Bullet

    Disable ESC key while dialog open

    i'm trying to setup a re-spawn dialog for a vanilla mission so what i did i got one of the old epoch re-spawn and make it so i can work with vanilla but the problem is when u die or come in to the mission for first time u see the dialog and u can use it and it works no problem but if u press ESC the dialog box is no more and you can move but u are like on a spanw block i put on the middle of the water or if u die and the dialog show up u just press ESC and u are right on u body . this is the menu spawn i use https://epochmod.com/forum/topic/35580-parachute-spawn-system/ so i move the code on spawnsystem/initspawn.sqf and put it on a onPlayerRespawn.sqf i create and all the other is the same and remove the code for the mission.sqm
  6. Dialog opening begining of the mission and when we press ESC, dialog close and you can move freely . I want to disable ESC key until dialog closed. With this way I want to prevent closing dialog without pressing dialog buttons. Do you know solution? Thank you..