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  1. Thanks Dom and John for your helpful responses!
  2. Time for a new computer. I would like to run DCS Flight sim, ARMA 3, Microsoft Flight sim 2020 on the computer. I might want to get VR goggles and or use a big monitor(s) or TV. I am not looking to break the bank on the latest and greatest. I would like a computer that will be able to play the games great though. Maybe last years new stuff is this years bargain. Does anyone have suggestions on any already built computers? Does anyone have suggestions on all the components to put a computer together with? Can you save much by building one yourself? Thanks! Eric
  3. I watched some of the YouTube videos of Arma 3. Looks like a blast. I need to upgrade my computer but the system requirements seem to be pretty low to run Arma 3. Is there a webpage/app that can evaluate my computer and provide advice on game settings? Thanks, Eric