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  1. SnowmaneYT

    [SOLVED] - Looking for a mission...

    It's Fashpoint. I can confirm... i'm playing a lot these days. For my taste is the best mission for Arma 2. You know if there any conversion or a mission like this for Arma 3?
  2. Is there a conversion for Arma 3 or a very similar mission?
  3. Hello, Time ago I remember downloading a mission for Arma 2 where the entire map was a random battlefield. I don't remember what it was called and since armaholic no longer exists I wonder if someone could help me remember the name and from where I can download the mission. Thanks! EDIT: I found it
  4. You are a master, i learning a lot with you. Thanks!
  5. Sorry for asking so much, i'm just starting in Arma 3 scripting... My question now is related to: {_respawns = _x addMPEventHandler ["MPRespawn", { params ["_unit", "_corpse"]; _moveLoop = _unit execVM "unitMove.sqf"; }]; } foreach allUnits; If I have understood well, i don't need to execVM on respawn because the script is already running, in my case used in editor code on each unit: nul = this execVM "unitMove.sqf";
  6. Helped a lot, thanks so much. I was using execVM because I thought the Script restarts instead of creating a new instance. Just for curiosity, how to stop a running script? ... and, when unit dies the script is stopped?
  7. Hello, I'm making a SC mission and in the begining the game logic runs fine, but after a random amount of time (5-10 mins of play) the sectors stop working and also got a massive FPS drops (clear sign of something wrong). I checked the code several times and I don' t find any clue. Here's the code (only the relevant to the topic): init.sqf (All OK here): {_respawns = _x addMPEventHandler ["MPRespawn", { params ["_unit", "_corpse"]; _moveLoop = _unit execVM "unitMove.sqf"; }]; } foreach allUnits; unitMove.sqf (All OK here): params ["_unit"]; if (side _unit == west) then {_unit execVM "unitMoveWest.sqf"}; if (side _unit == east) then {_unit execVM "unitMoveEast.sqf"}; if (side _unit == independent) then {_unit execVM "unitMoveIndi.sqf"}; unitMoveWest.sqf (ploblem is here. Only post one, the other are the same just changing the side): params ["_unit"]; sleep 1; _targetSector_1 = sectornum_1; _targetSector_2 = sectornum_2; _targetSector_3 = sectornum_3; _targetSector_4 = sectornum_4; _targetSector_5 = sectornum_5; _targetSector_6 = sectornum_6; _sectorsArray = [_targetSector_1, _targetSector_2, _targetSector_3, _targetSector_4, _targetSector_5, _targetSector_6]; _sectorSelected = _sectorsArray call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; _sectorLoc = getPos _sectorSelected; // I think the ploblem is in here if (_sectorSelected getVariable "owner" == west) then {_unit execVM "unitMoveWest.sqf"}; _unit doMove _sectorLoc; waitUntil {unitReady _unit}; // ToDo Sector owner check sleep 30; _unit execVM "unitMoveWest.sqf"; Thanks!
  8. SnowmaneYT

    [HELP] - side _this

    Wow, thanks so much 😀👌
  9. SnowmaneYT

    [HELP] - side _this

    init.sqf {_respawns = _x addMPEventHandler ["MPRespawn", { _moveLoop = _this execVM "unitMove.sqf"; }]; } foreach allUnits; unitMove.sqf (here is caused the "_this" error if (side _this == west) then {_this execVM "unitMoveWest.sqf"}; if (side _this == east) then {_this execVM "unitMoveEast.sqf"}; if (side _this == independent) then {_this execVM "unitMoveIndi.sqf"};
  10. SnowmaneYT

    [HELP] - side _this

    "_this" is supposed to be the current unit, i used to execVM and doMove, etc and works. How i can reffer to the unit AI then?
  11. Hello, I'm trying to get the side of AI using "side _this" but i'm only getting an error. On respawn i execVM a file with the expectations of get the side of the AI and then execVM another file depending on side. if (side _this == west) then {_this execVM "unitMoveWest.sqf"}; Why is not working? Thanks!
  12. I resolved using waitUntil {unitReady _this}; Thanks anyway, i going to test your solution to learn more!
  13. Hello, _grp = group _this; _wp = _grp addWaypoint [_rndDest, 0]; _wp setwaypointtype "MOVE"; I have this to add a waypoint from an array (_rndDest) to a unit (playable). This code is executed via execVM when the unit spawn for first time and when die. All is working fine when spawn for first time, but when respawn i get and error in _grp = group _this; The error say something about missing vector. Any help, please? Thanks!
  14. This may work, thanks so much! 🙂
  15. Hello, I have _nul = _this doMove _destination; to move a unit. What i need is when the unit reached the destination, wait for x time and then doMove to another destination. So, the big question here is, how i can detect when doMove is completed? Thanks!