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  1. Faileas

    Radiation in vigor

    Not invisible, hence why your screen goes blurry and fuzzy..so you can see that you’re being irradiated. which, in theory, is waaaay more of a heads-up than you’d get irl sooo..nice of them to at least give us a notification that we’re close to death
  2. Played quite a bit when this game first came out then fell off for awhile. Recently came back to discover this whole battle pass thing which is great. However, I just reached lvl 6 on the rewards tier and instead of the rare crate which is shown I was awarded a common crate, which is both annoying and frustrating when I’m working towards my last two achievements on this game of which I need more rare crates in order to (someday) unlock the build plan for antibiotics. Of course, it’s also annoying to not get the promised reward and instead get something that’s much lower in worth...sooo, might want to fix that. Y’know, if you devs even read these things. gt: heretic spectre