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  1. Is that single threaded performance though? Holding out for desktop Ryzen myself. I hope they'll beat intel for good in single core performance. Seems like even with the best intel CPU out there it's still hard to get this game to 60 FPS on ultra on that YYAB test. If AMD gives us something better finally it would be amazing.
  2. Right. I hope MSI will be gracious enough to make the motherboard compatible with Ryzen 4000.
  3. MSI B450 Gaming Carbon Pro. Bios updated this month. Like i said, i'll also get a new CPU eventually so as long as it boots the computer, for now it's fine.
  4. I ran the game on ultra and at some point in the tutorial the FPS dropped to 25 but the GPU usage was at 17%, so the video card is literally playing with its figurative thumbs most of the time. I have a Ryzen 2600 btw. I pushed it to 4.1GHz all cores on 1.38v. It wasn't stable under stress tests but i did ran the YAAB map fine but gains were minimal, about 2-3 FPS on the average at the end of the benchmark. It's immaterial because eventually i'll get the Ryzen 4000. For now i'm looking at the memory first.
  5. Ok, that's not bad at all. I'll go with the 3600 CL15 and be done with it.
  6. Sorry, wrong link: https://www.amazon.it/GSkill-TridZ-Schede-memoria-3200/dp/B01ACODPHI/?tag=hwreload-21
  7. Well, suppose i get this one: https://www.amazon.it/G-Skill-Trident-16GB-3200MHz-memoria/dp/B01N6PVEAW/?tag=hwreload-21 Is the difference worth it almost 50 euros in price? How much are we talking about? 1% difference? 5%?
  8. Well, just looking at my options. So far that's the ONLY memory i found with those characteristics, so i was just wondering. I'll pay if i must, but i need to be sure i looked at all the alternatives. For instance, if there was something like Samsung B-die 3600 CL16 at 100 euros, than i certainly don't think 200 euros for the one i linked to would be worth it, but if there's nothing else, so be it.
  9. I'm looking at the list i posted and this is the only one with those specs: https://www.amazon.it/gskill-3600-C15d-16gtz-memoria-ram-16-GB/dp/B01EI5YROC/?tag=hwreload-21 Is there really no other memory like this?
  10. Also, hahaha: https://www.amazon.it/G-Skill-Trident-Royal-F4-4800C18D-16GTRS-memoria/dp/B07PXGZDXZ?tag=hwreload-21 By God.
  11. I'm looking at this list and there's seems to be quite a few new picks for Samsung B-die: https://forum.hwreload.it/threads/consigli-per-lacquisto-di-ram-per-ryzen-gen-1-2-e-3-update-2019.149/# It's in Italian but you can look at the specs, and serial numbers. Some of them seem too good to be true: https://www.amazon.it/Patriot-Memory-Viper-4400MHz-Performance/dp/B07KXLFDL6/ref=sr_1_2?__mk_it_IT=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&crid=1MBO0FFZ711F8&keywords=pvs416g440c9k&qid=1563269892&s=gateway&sprefix=pvs416g440c%2Caps%2C189&sr=8-2&tag=hwreload-21 Wonder if they'll even run on my motherboard (i'm assuming not). If high frequency yields diminishing returns, would it be better to get something like the aforementioned 3600 CL15 over something like the above?
  12. So what would be the best memory to get? I'm looking at 3600 CL15 and this seems to be the typical price they go for in my country: https://www.amazon.it/gskill-3600-C15d-16gtz-memoria-ram-16-GB/dp/B01EI5YROC/?tag=hwreload-21 They are samsung b-die. I heard there's diminishing returns past 3600 or 3733 so timings are more important past that level, but i have no idea how much they can be pushed. This is what i have right now: https://www.amazon.it/gp/product/B07TB3R9JB/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o08_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Even if i sell it at the same price we are still talking about twice the cost. Yet, i could compensate by getting a 3600x instead of a 3700x. OR i could wait for Ryzen 4000 since 42 FPS min. is still kinda low but i wanted to play the game now. I mean i just bought it, heh.
  13. Looks like instead of going Intel i could Ryzen and get better memory. I mean, wow, same result as the 9900k? That's kinda mind blowing. I knew fast memory was important for Ryzen but i had no idea just how much it mattered.
  14. I see. Do you need water cooling to get to 5GHz? I'm currently using a Cryorig H7 on my setup. How far can i push it with something like that?