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  1. Biggus_Dickus

    I need a devs answer

    So many new players do not understand what this game is about. Guess they never played Dayz or game like the EFT on PC. These games do not have set of rules other than obviously do not exploit and hack. Would not hurt anyone if they add curtain text or guide lines screen on to the game and make you read it when you start the game first time.
  2. Biggus_Dickus

    stagger when getting shot

    Good to know thank you
  3. Biggus_Dickus

    stagger when getting shot

    guess everyone else have better high tier guns than we do. it's really frustrating my guy spasms everytime and aims upwards
  4. Biggus_Dickus

    stagger when getting shot

    Really guys , whose great idea was it adding this trash stagger system into the game ?! I get shot to the chest and i can't shoot back, what a great feature. I don't mind stuff that every new player has to go through to learn maps and other stuff but stagger mechanism is just utter BS.