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  1. theghostginger

    cant loot people i kill

    yes i played last night but i didnt kill anyone hiding in a bush, so i didnt get a chance to check it
  2. theghostginger

    cant loot people i kill

    has anyone else noticed that if you kill someone that's hiding in a bush, that you cant loot them???
  3. theghostginger

    match making issues

    first off, i do love the game, but here lately iv been getting put in lobbies with just awful connection, people just sliding across the map, people disappearing and then popping up behind you and killing you, getting disconnected mid game because a server timed out, and all of these things have cost me 15 guns, vss, svd, and the last smg, i forget what its called. now if im losing the guns to being outplayed its fine, but when im getting into matches where im never going to have a chance, how is that fun?