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  1. Bruvas

    First Battlepass

    I feel the pain. I dropped 900 crowns in the original BP and it felt a real kick in the teeth when it was offered for free. I used to play Vigor every evening, sometimes boosting the loot or crate (depending on ADR users in the lobby!) however this left such a bad taste that I've found it difficult to load the game up. It's a phenomenal game, but the writing is on the wall for me when the developers are so disrespectful to their paying player base.
  2. Bruvas

    Using Comm Station changes direction of radiation

    Oohhh. Never realised that was the case. I see it is more or less the same direction (east to west) but starting more southerly. I wonder what the thinking behind that was, or if it's a glitch that wasn't picked up?
  3. The game made me pay around 900 crowns for the battlepass that's now free and I've not received any refund. Surely this is a bug as no developer WITH AN OUNCE of sanity would purposefully put off the players who actually contribute real money to the game like this. Can anyone shed some light on what is going on? I presume all boosters / insurance / shop items are going to become free as well? My friends and I aren't spending any more on crowns just incase this pops up out of the blue too....
  4. Bruvas

    Ebay? lool 😂

    That's great news to stop this kind of behaviour, but I presume you'll be able to loot crates if your team mates gets popped on the way back to the shelter? It'd be frustrating if you're caught in a firefight, come out as the only one alive but can't get a crate back. I presume they'll allow looting if killed by someone not in the duo?