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  1. Hello everyone, A few days ago I started playing the "Old Man" campaign of the Apex DLC. I noticed that this campaign has a completely different diary. This diary makes a much more aesthetic / prettier impression than the standard Arma diary. Hence my actual question: Is there a way to use this diary design in multiplayer missions? Mod options are also welcome, as we have a modded server. Thank you very much in advance, regards Dennis
  2. Hey, I know this topic is pretty old, but I have a question. Is it possible to jam only certain radios instead of frequencies? Just a quick explanation: We are currently building an AltisLife server (obviously modded), and would like to implement a 2-radio system for our state factions "authorities" (police / emergency services). We will distinguish between the (at least in Germany they are called that, in the rest of the world, no idea xD) "BOS digital radio" and the "2-meter-band analog radio". Like the cell phone network, BOS digital radio only works via radio/repeater stations. However, we simply want to represent this with the classic long-range radio and a range of 25 km. The "2-meter-band analog radio" should then be implemented with the short-range radios and a range of only 1.5km (we know how we do this in ACRE). However, the rebels will now have the opportunity to paralyze digital radio by hacking radio masts. We have already written a working script for this. In every ArmA3 1x1km mapgrid there is a radio mast which can be hacked. If the hack is successful, a script is to be executed which deactivates all radios from a certain array (our "BOS Digitalfunk" long range radios). And that in this specific affected map grid. This is where we came across your script. Unfortunately, we currently only see the possibility of a jammer for a certain radius and certain frequencies, OR to completely remove the player from hearing / speaking on the radio in general. Now, however, he should only be unable to hear/talk in long range radio, but be able to continue chatting unhindered and undisturbed in short range. How can we implement this with your script? Sorry for the long text, but I thought it would be easier to understand what we want if you can see what it's for. This is the code snippet we use to check if a player is in the affected map square: params ["_repeater"]; /* As long as the repeater is hacked (var GG_repeater_0501_hacked == true), the system checks every 5 seconds whether the player is in the map grid of the hacked repeater. If he is, his send- and recivepower is set to 0. This means he can neither hear nor speak on the radio. */ while { GG_repeater_0501_hacked } do { private _repeaterPosition = (_repeater splitString "_")#1; private _gridPosArrayPlayer = ((mapGridPosition player) splitString ""); private _1by1GridPlayer = _gridPosArrayPlayer#0 + _gridPosArrayPlayer#1 + _gridPosArrayPlayer#3 + _gridPosArrayPlayer#4; if(_1by1GridPlayer isEqualTo _repeaterPosition) then { player setVariable ["acre_send_power", 0, true]; player setVariable ["acre_receive_power", 0, true]; } else { player setVariable ["acre_send_power", 1, true]; player setVariable ["acre_receive_power", 1, true]; } sleep 5; } // Repeater back in function - therefore the While loop ends and everyone can transmit again. player setVariable ["acre_send_power", 1, true]; player setVariable ["acre_receive_power", 1, true]; This code snippet works very well. But it disables receiving and transmitting on ALL radios. But we want the script to block sending and receiving only on specific radios defined in an array.
  3. Hey, we host an arma 3 roleplay Server. Since the Server is modded, we want to replace all arma actions (addAction) by the ACE Interaction menue. For that we use this code. private _ZLMAINLICENSE= ["ZERO_LIFE_MAINLICENSE", "Zero Life", "", { }, {playerside isEqualTo civilian}] call ace_interact_menu_fnc_createAction; [_x, 0, [], _ZLMAINLICENSE, true] call ace_interact_menu_fnc_addActionToObject; private _ZLDRIVERLICENSE = ["ZERO_LIFE_DRIVERLICENSE", format["%1 ($%2)",(getText(missionConfigFile >> "Licenses" >> "driver" >> "displayName")),[(getNumber(missionConfigFile >> "Licenses" >> "driver" >> "price"))] call life_fnc_numberText], "", { ["driver"] call life_fnc_buyLicense; }, {playerside isEqualTo civilian}] call ace_interact_menu_fnc_createAction; [_x, 0, ["ZERO_LIFE_MAINLICENSE"], _ZLDRIVERLICENSE, true] call ace_interact_menu_fnc_addActionToObject; And this code: private _ZLMAIN = ["ZERO_LIFE_GARAGE", "Zero Life", "", { }, {true}] call ace_interact_menu_fnc_createAction; private _garage = [ [ace_garage_1,"Car","car_g_1"] ]; { private _type = _x select 1; private _point = _x select 2; private _ZL_GARAGE = ["", "Garage", "", { [getPlayerUID player,playerSide,_type,player] remoteExecCall ["TON_fnc_getVehicles",2]; life_garage_type = _type; createDialog "Life_impound_menu"; disableSerialization; ctrlSetText[2802,"Fetching Vehicles...."]; life_garage_sp = _point; }, {true}] call ace_interact_menu_fnc_createAction; private _ZL_EINPARKEN = ["", "Fahrzeug einparken", "", { [] spawn life_fnc_storeVehicle; }, {true}] call ace_interact_menu_fnc_createAction; [_x select 0, 0, [], _ZLMAIN, true] call ace_interact_menu_fnc_addActionToObject; [_x select 0, 0, ["ZERO_LIFE_GARAGE"], _ZL_GARAGE, true] call ace_interact_menu_fnc_addActionToObject; [_x select 0, 0, ["ZERO_LIFE_GARAGE"], _ZL_EINPARKEN, true] call ace_interact_menu_fnc_addActionToObject; } foreach _garage; The interactions are working as them should, except one problem. ALL variables are not printing their value, so the code doensn't work complete. Same problem with the config entries. ( (getText(missionConfigFile >> "Licenses" >> "driver" >> "displayName")) ). They work outside of the "call ace_interact_menu_fnc_createAction", but not inside. I hope i explained well enaught with my bad english, so someone can understand my problem and help me. thanks in advance kind Regards Dennis
  4. Hey, I've got a fire system script for my (modded) Altis Life roleplay server. In the standard script there is a restriction that building fires only can be triggerd if there is a minimum ammount of medics (independet units) on the server. The code for this is: _PlayerCount = independent countSide allPlayers; if (_PlayerCount >= (getNumber(MissionconfigFile >> "Fire_Config" >> "CountOfPlayer"))) then { On my Server there are the EMS and FireDepartment both on the Independet units. So, with this code the fire also can be triggered if there are no Fire Department units on duty, what souldn't be, because the EMS is not able to extinguis the fire. To solve this problem I want to change this _PlayerCount in a way, that only firefighters are counted. Firefighters got ingame a speacial license named "license_med_fw", so we have to count all online independet units weher own the firedepartmets license. Sadly i have no Idea how to do this in the script. The Scriptfile we have to edit, is in a PBO file in our Modpack (Clientside Modpack) Has anyone any idea how to fix this? Thanks in advance! your sincerly, Dennis
  5. Hello, i'm currently looking for a modder who will mod one, ideally even two helicopters for my Life project (Map: Australia). One helicopter would be a MBB/Kawasaki BK 117 B2 in the versions "rescue" and "civil". The second, optional, would be an Augusta Westland A109 SP, also in the versions "rescue" and "civil". (Of course there will be a police version on the server, but since I don't have a model with camera, this is just a skin thing) Ideally, if technically possible, the winch should be functional with at least one of the two (i.e. it should be able to pull up or release up to 2 persons at the same time) (but this is not mandatory). I already have the 3D models of a flight simulator which I may use for this purpose, so it's just a matter of importing them into Arma and making them airworthy. Me and my server team would also be willing to pay for the service. Here are some pictures of the helicopters: MBB/Kawasaki BK 117 B2 http://prntscr.com/s2tp5u Augusta Westland A109 SP http://prntscr.com/s2tpw8 I would be very happy if someone could be found to take on the job. For further inquiries I am available via e-mail and Discord. E-Mail: info@yourliferpg.com Discord: CHX31#6866 With kind regards Dennis
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    WIP UH-72Lakota project

    Hey, Yes I know this theme is a little bit old. But is there any way to get the EC145? Best regards Dennis