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  1. Gutter Yuppie

    Retrieved Resources Gripe

    Just noticed you don't get Retrieved XP for Metal Parts or Wire. I kinda get why you only get 1 Loot point per resource on those but getting Retrieved XP for everything else but those two is just lame.
  2. Gutter Yuppie


    I thought something like that would be cool. In the beginning I had wondered if the dog barks you hear were doing that but I guess not. I also think it would be interesting if the sound of animal steps could be confused for outlanders. You think somebody's coming at you and a deer pops out instead.
  3. Gutter Yuppie

    Bullets lost randomly

    Is your pack full when this happens? Your guns are "unloaded" when you return and if you don't have enough space in your pack for the ammo it vanishes. Yea, it's dumb.
  4. Gutter Yuppie

    Using Comm Station changes direction of radiation

    No. Memorize it when you first start. It will often be the complete opposite direction. I didn't realize this when I first started playing and it would sometimes really mess me up.
  5. Gutter Yuppie

    Just Trash Now

    Agreed. Only been playing for a couple months but I really enjoyed this game. I've never really cared about or really understood a lot of the technical stuff people like to complain about. I care about how a game feels. I loved the whole "different ways to play" thing. Funny, I'm pretty sure they even touted that aspect somewhere. All I really felt this game needed was more to do in and out of encounters. Being able to play at my own pace was really nice. This update has made the way I play impossible. It was a fluke I even found this game at all. I downloaded it on a whim because a nephew (that never even played one match with me) wanted me to. I've always been a "find a game I like and play the crap out of it" kinda' guy. And at my age I'm now even more like that. If I had first played this game after this update I would have deleted it the same day.
  6. Gutter Yuppie

    Radiation Blur Bug?

    On a quite regular basis, I get the blurred radiation vision when I'm nowhere near the radiation zone. No health loss, no Geiger warning. Only happens after the "radiation is coming" warning. Lasts the rest of the encounter. I assume it's a bug but I can't find any mention of it on these forums. Does this happen to anyone else?