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  1. Can you show me an example please? Thanks
  2. How do I make each flare random within a 100m radius?
  3. Can you explain how these parts work? ["_area", [0,100,200]]]; and _flr setVelocity [0,0,-10]; Thanks
  4. 40mm is much better. Thanks
  5. Thats awsome thanks. Only problem is the flare isnt as bright as the one shot from the grenade launcher. Any idea why? Thanks
  6. Does this get put in a trigger?
  7. Under barrel. Parachute flares
  8. How do I make a flare fire every 30 seconds in specific areas? Thanks
  9. BlackbirdSD

    Tactical Ping issues

    Ok this issue seems to only happen for my friend not seeing my ping and I am the leader. I cant even give him move commands when this happens. Just played a game and it happened 3 times where the ping would work again then shut off. Always after my death and revive.
  10. Seems to work with men and vehicles only but I cant get it to work with supply and cargo objects. What I had to do was attach a dirt object to the bottom of the Taru container then that works.
  11. BlackbirdSD

    Tactical Ping issues

    This is a much easier to see white circle which will disappear after a few seconds but if marking close objects the circle is huge.
  12. Cant seem to make it work with a Taru cargo pod
  13. Does that go in the Init field of the object? Thanks
  14. I only get mods from steam but just curious. Probably an inventive way for a hacker to get you to download it. Hopefully steam takes care of protecting from that.