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  1. BlackbirdSD

    Does hosting create low FPS?

    Thank you very much for the info guys
  2. BlackbirdSD

    Does hosting create low FPS?

    Thanks for the info. How can you make sure the scripts are good? Probably a short question with a long answer.
  3. BlackbirdSD

    Does hosting create low FPS?

    Does the hosts pc have more demands put on it then the player joining?
  4. I have a I7 3770k with 32gb of 1600 ram and a rx5700xt video card and I get very poor frame rates especially when I host missions I made to play with a friend. Is this because Im hosting? Ive even lowered the graphic settings and they still average 30FPS. Thanks
  5. BlackbirdSD

    Respawn questions

    Thanks for the detailed info.
  6. Like a lot of first-person shooters when you die it gives you a view of who killed you. Is it possible to do thos in Arma3?
  7. Is it possible and how? 1.Have AI spawn (maybe with the module) then follow a waypoint once spawned? 2. Be able to destroy an AI spawn point or my team enters an area and deletes the spawn by a trigger? Thanks guys!
  8. Is it possible and how? 1.Have respawn and revive in the same mission? 2. Have the option when killed to choose to respawn where you die or a respawn point instead of one or the other? 3.When respawning where you die, to choose when you respawn instead of automatically respawning right infront of the guy that killed you? 4.Be able to open a new spawn location as you progress in the mission? 5.Be able to select your loadout or weapons when you respawn where you die or from respawn point. I know that is a lot and I appreciate the help. Thanks
  9. George's worked for me. Thanks to both of you.
  10. All I get is cease fire while shooting at them. I had another ai standing right beside and no announcement that I killed the guy. I didn't edit your script at all just copy and pasted it in.
  11. Will that announce the name of the ai or just that a team mate is killed? I pasted it in but saw no effect when I killed my own ai to test.
  12. Id like to get a radio or written message when my friendly AI units get killed that are not in my group. Thanks
  13. This is over my head. Are you guys saying it can only be done with a script?
  14. I have a mission where my drone above follows me at night. I use the drone cam view on the left and right side panel and i can switch between optics modes but I really want to be able to zoom in and out without having to always go back into the drone turret tot do it. Is there a way to do this? Thanks