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  1. Thanks for you patience. What do you mean "You can fire an EH" you mean I can select when to run the script? Thanks
  2. BlackbirdSD

    2 Parachutes for the price of 1?

    I added this private _chute = "B_parachute_02_F" createVehicle [0,0,0]; _chute setposASL (getPosASL player vectorAdd [0,0,200]); player moveInDriver _chute; To the initPlayerLocal and removed the code from the init field of the player and when I start the mission, I am invisible and i can see the open chute but cant control it.
  3. But there are very large rocks i have respawned into, much taller than a small building. I just tried this and respawned inside a very low rock. I think suggestion 2 with unstick will work most reliably for me but how do I add the delete corpse to it?
  4. pierremgi: I liked your suggestion for when I respawn inside a rock to use this Suggestion 1: addMissionEventHandler ["entityRespawned",{ params ["_entity", "_corpse"]; private _pos = (getPos _entity vectorAdd [0,0,100]); _entity setVehiclePosition [_pos,[],0,"CAN_COLLIDE"]; deleteVehicle _corpse; }]; But dying inside a building and respawning on the roof, sucks. So I like your other suggestion Suggestion 2: player addAction ["unstick", { params ["_plyr"]; _pos = (getPos _plyr vectorAdd [0,0,100]); _plyr setVehiclePosition [_pos,[],0,"CAN_COLLIDE"] }]; I liked the idea of the players body getting removed on respawn with the "DeleteVehicle _corpse". How do I make this work with suggestion 2? Thank you
  5. Can the bleed out time be extended past the 5 min?
  6. Your other method works perfect for getting out of the rocks and that was all i really wanted. Thank you
  7. Thats better. Thank you very much
  8. That worked, thank you, How can I hide this command into the custom menu (9) or radio so its not so easy to hit when using the action key? I wonder why I can clip into the rocks so easily, I dont have any respawn markers setup just respawn on position of death. Thanks
  9. Can you explain this more please? "In Multi-player each playable unit would need the button applied." How so? This does work in single player as you say but not multiplayer when adding this to the init feild of the player.
  10. Is it possible to limit the amount of uses? Also can it be used in a radio command instead so its not so easy to use by accident?
  11. WOW I never knew that before. Does running a mission from the editor have a negative effect on FPS or any other issues? Thanks
  12. For multiplayer does that go in the init field?
  13. As in a previous post about getting stuck in a rock, is it possible to teleport out where I want on the map, by using a radio command? Thanks