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    Player AI Question

    Hey thanks for your response! Is there a way for me to make an AI unit the main character when I'm dealing with singleplayer campaign missions without using the editor though? Apologies if I'm being a bit dumb, you can guess I've not got all that much experience with Zeus hehe.
  2. The Dreamer

    Player AI Question

    Hi. Bit of an odd question, but I was wondering if anyone knows a way to make the player AI-controlled? I'm really enjoying fiddling around with singleplayer missions but a lot of times you have to go back to controlling the player in order to advance the mission. Is it possible to make the player's character act the same way as an AI so waypoints could be assigned to them and they'd carry those out like the rest of the AI? Might be something that just isn't in the confines of the way Arma 3 and Zeus work, but thought it'd be worth asking since I couldn't find anything else about this sort of thing online. Thanks for your time!