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  1. I appreciate it guys. So I am considering upgrading this Christmas but not sure if I should wait for the newest generation of intel or how much of a performance increase id get with a 9700k over a 4790k. Thanks guys I will also be putting the game on a m.2 nvme ssd instead of my normal ssd aswell with ddr4 instead of ddr3. I saw the previ
  2. Hey not sure if anyone here has answered this already but for me the i7-9700k and the ryzen 3700x are within a $10 difference and was wondering which one would benefit more on arma and provide a higher framerate. Currently running i7- 4790k GTX 1070 Hyper Evo 212 fan no watercooling Also if anyone has any recommendations of when to buy or upgrade because I am looking to upgrade this december but might wait as the cpu's I want are the latest generation right now.