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  1. Did it now exactly as described and it still crashes the same with the same log.
  2. I am fighting to set up the Arma tools for a few days now. My problem is that Object Builder keeps crashing after 5 min without an error message. I actually don't know what else could be not working as I only am using object builder, Bulldozer is actually working in those first 5 min. I have search this forum, reddit and discord for 2 days now and tried implementing every suggestion I could find, but I'm also confused to what is outdated information and what not. In the OB log it actually throws a d3renderer error and tells me .dll are missing even though they are present. Already did: .) complete reinstall .) making sure everything is not run as admin and not from steam or the launcher .) install the visual C 2005 mentioned in some threads. .) change origin of P drive .) checking file integrity .) checking windows integrity here are my logs and some screens to provide information, if more is needed please tell me: Arma Tools Settings Object Builder Folder Microsoft installs