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  1. JukeNukeEm

    What was concealed...OHAA

    I'm honestly glad they increased the cost of building weapons, especially high tier weapons. There is definitely a over saturation of these high tier weapons and this seems like a step in the right direction
  2. JukeNukeEm

    Vigor Partners, testing and roadmap.

    I agree on your comments about the partners. I personally don't know if there are still ways to become a partner but it would be interesting. Most of the partners I've seen on youtube I rarely see playing. I also noticed that people on the top of the leaderboards don't seem to play too often either, I don't know how many, if any of them are vigor partners. I for one would love to be able to test out what they plan on bringing to the game and give feedback on what they are planning.
  3. JukeNukeEm

    Reimbursement for games fault?

    Sounds like a game I had yesterday. Upgraded the crate, killed the guy who looted the crate and it just disappeared.
  4. JukeNukeEm

    Shotgun changes.

    I agree with merc, I think shotguns are good where they're at. Even currently there are people that land shots with a pigeon who aren't even in close range and manage to take out 15-20% of health. I got one tapped in close quarters with a pigeon yesterday, although it was partially due to my carelesness but still. I also one tapped somebody the other day that ran by me. I think the shotguns are very good in close quarters and aren't so forgiving for missing shots, as they should be though.
  5. JukeNukeEm

    Over saturated Gun Economy

    That's why we run in a take everyone's guns. More loot for you and me.... On a serious note. Maybe reducing the amount of "rare" weapons you receive in crates would also help tone it down a bit. Let's just say I'm not running out of any rare weapons ANYTIME soon
  6. JukeNukeEm

    That's it for today at least

    I'm right there with you, I have to complete a challenge of killing 5 outlanders with melee weapons and I thought it should't be too bad. I was wrong, it's BAD, half the time after the first or second swing it just doesn't respond anymore, I'll hit the trigger or click the joystick and nothing. no action at all and I just have to accept I'm going to die. The other half I get one or two good hits but it swings SO slow that I'm sure as dead because the other person has so much time between swings to mow me down with their weapon. I've only been able to get 2 and that's because the other person had a melee weapon and we both kept swinging until I got lucky and got the last hit. The other was also luck as an outlander dropped from a good height in front of me and was hurt and I ran in quick with my melee weapon to finish him.
  7. JukeNukeEm

    Player count - Bunny Hoppers

    In my own experience, I run into a lot of the same people, but I'm in the US and mostly play in the mornings.
  8. JukeNukeEm

    Rooftop control

    I think trying to control the area via rooftop isn't the best idea, especially since most of the time there's no cover
  9. JukeNukeEm


    Yeah I don't mind picking maps I just like that quickplay will most of the time switch it up, I guess I just like being surprised lol.
  10. JukeNukeEm


    Has anyone else had the issue that when looking for an encounter, you'll get the same map over and over, I think I got viktorsen 5 times in a row today, then finally got dverg but then got dverg about 4 times in a row before I just decided to pick myself. To clarify I like just doing the quick play for more random variety but I'm not getting variety, the past 3 days have been 85% viktorsen and dverg and those are my least favorite maps.
  11. JukeNukeEm

    Thank You I Love This!!!

    wrong video?
  12. JukeNukeEm

    Black list!!!

    I mean, I don't think "teaming" in solo is really cheating or wrong. The game isn't a battle royale, the whole purpose isn't to be the last man standing. If I'm correct it even says in one of the passing comments in the loading screen that you can be friendly or something along those lines. You loot, try to build up your shelter, gather weapons and ammo, or you can try to go guns blazing and kill people. So if people want to "team up" then so be it, if they don't then shoot it out. There's been a couple times that me and somebody have acknowledged each other and let each other pass and there's been a couple times that I've run into random people and 2 or 3 of us become friendly and run with each other for a bit. A lot of times I just shoot on sight. Point being that the sole purpose isn't to be in 1st place or "win". It's to survive by whatever means.