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    0xC0000005 Status access violation

    Hi there I hoped you could help me getting the very same error here... I didn't have it for years I started playing 2018... Anyhow then it suddenly started happening all the time. I am thinking it might have something to do with OneDrive wich I accidentally activated by logging in to the Microsoft service... I removed it from my computer but I just keep having this issue... I did run RAM diagnostics for windows but didn't find any failures... Anyhow I share my zip files with the error reports so someone could look in to them. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rwGy-4ybVNj7o-h2XS-8MfwOi6xZ0a4Y/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mmW2eNBf3M2liHONABOYb4F9M3oQqedR/view?usp=sharing
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    Mic Not Transmitting

    Allright I've come up with some solutions. I am a musician so I've used to tweak alot of audio options. I am acctually usin Steinberg UR22 mk 2 external USB soundcard and singing mic for my voice. But any case any mic goes. There was a kind of a "bug" for whatever reason in my case only the channel number one (1) works inside Arma 3. Second did not have voice. Team Speak and any other place both channels worked just fine and equally. So it's kind of weird. I was used to use the second channel because there was more options. I also tested that runnin' Steam as an admistrator and think it had no effect. You could try it by just going start menu typing in Steam and there pres second mouse button and "run as admistrator". That way you should have all the options available if something in Windows was before blocking it. I want also point out that the speaker icon in Arma 3 has nothing to do with mic working in game. The icon is not ever there as a player. USB MIC USERS POSSIBLE HELP: I have KORG USB keyboard and there was DRIVER issue with USB IRQ numbering. It had to be top 4 of IRQ:s numerically to work properly. So easiest solution tu get it prioritized top or numerically top on the list is to unplug all USB devices and then put the USB mic first in to get it work. Some things you can try. -Make sure you got up to date drivers or go back old drivers if it was working before -Be sure to use right audio interface driver. Most common is onboard audio own audio device mine is Realtek Digital Audio. -Make sure mic is in mic port and you chose from plug and play options it is a mic not a speaker lol -Do Armas own mic autosetting. In most cases I've seen it just maximizing it. Might have something to do with that in steam it is Default seting is set to half way volume. I'm not sure... -Do Steam sound test by pressing in game Shift + Tab and check from advanced menu of the Audio options and test your mic. If you'll have voice you should have voice in game when pressin Default button CAPS LOCK (Some players are assholes and just don't want to answer you in game so ask your friend to play with you and test does your mic work lol) I don't think Arma 3 Launcher does not have any audio options. I hope this was helpful. If you need further help you can add me on Steam. My nickname is Edizon. I might be able to pinpoint ur problem. Just post down or Steam. ❤️ ____________________________________________ Donate: https://paypal.me/MGRIND?locale.x=fi_FI Created by Edizón https://soundcloud.com/markus-helenius-952570943