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  1. smrkanky1

    ACE + Exile integration

    HI, There is a reason for "not implement" eat and drink option. I just can not disable EXILE medical system ( maybe you can, that would be awesome ), witch is linked up with hunger and thirst. If you get hungry or thirsty, you will loose health in EXILE but in ace you will be ok. There is also hud ( hidden on my server ) in EXILE, that show you level of food and drink you have and your health too. In ACE, there is nothing about food and drink, there is just health of your body parts. Have you played Origins on Taviana ? There was hero-bandit point system with few levels, that you can archive with killing people and then, if you get enough points and collect some items, you can build level 1 base, witch is predefined complete building with lockable doors and some storage. With more points you can build bigger bases and wear better clothes and more interesting things. It would be perfect base system for implementing ACE ballistic and medical system and survival ( like adding mods ). If someone, who understand programming and have time to do, can create persistent system system with those type of building bases, that would be perfect. I hope you can understand my english 🙂
  2. smrkanky1

    ACE + Exile integration

    Hmm, weird. So many people want play ACE with EXILE together and when chance to try comes, nobody is interested ?
  3. smrkanky1

    ACE + Exile integration

    I am very busy, working up to 18 hours every day. So i will come back tomorrow to check again.
  4. smrkanky1

    ACE + Exile integration

    -Medical is a bit tricky. Ace medical is working and overwrites the exile med system. And it is made easy to use, only bandages and morfin. But when irradiated, you start loose health in exile system and ace is not able to do anything about it. So i adjusted exile "autohealing" from 0% food and drink. Tham means, if you are affected by radiation, your body heal itself in short time. Dont remember now, how fast, it can be changed. The server setup is combination of exile and ace, a bit from both, and it is not possible have only ace handling everything, like building bases, crafting or traders. -About grenade fragmentation, i do not know, how should i test this, but by frag explosion you can hear fragments flying around you. Don t know, if you can be hit by them. You can test it yourself. -Here is description and rules for the server. This server is trying to connect some mechanics of two great mods: ACE and EXILE. It is not possible let only ACE handle everything, building, crafting and others can be handled only by exile, for car repairs, refueling and few others you can use only ACE controls. There is no need of drink or eat. Loot is set to low, if you want better equip, do missions. -ACE medical is made simple to use -If you get irradiated, your body will heal in some time -No need to eat or drink -No stamina -Ace ballistic included -Rearming depo on map - with limited capacity -6 trader places not showing on map -6 missions not showing on map -Some special areas with crates randomly spawned -5 places, where military wehicles spawnes randomly -5 different crates with special stuff randomly spawned on map -Double click radoi to spawn bike -No safezones = no safezone rules -No kamikaze rules -No VG -No basespawn -No op wehicles -No silencers -No thermals -ACE nvg´s gen 1 to gen 4 -Some scopes support night vission -10 days base money protection -No any messages, your base is your responsibility -No compensation for anything !!! -Building rules are simple : bases can have basement + 2 additional floors = 3 floors together max. -Build your base 600 m from military loot areas, traders, special places build into the original map. -You can have visual from your base at objects listed above only from 1km or more. -Do not build in caves, tunnels or SE island. -Safes and flag must be accessible for raiding. -Do no stack walls Here is all needed for connecting. IP: Server name: A-E1 Password: 7525XX Any of you can try, how it works. It is for testing and hosting is really cheap, so do not expect ultra high fps 🙂
  5. smrkanky1

    ACE + Exile integration

    Hey, i am allmost done with my exile server with ace. Is anyone interested to try, how it works ? Maybe give me some advices or ideas, what to do better or change ?
  6. smrkanky1

    ACE + Exile integration

    You can disable autorun in exile setting.
  7. smrkanky1

    ACE + Exile integration

    You got PM from me right ?
  8. smrkanky1

    ACE + Exile integration

    Hello, i just found this site. Its great to have some place similar to old exile forum. I jumped here because i saw this topic and few months back i wanted just mix ace with exile, both great mods. I have started "work" on a server because all said its not possible. I am far away from scripting abilities or programing something. I have just try put things together and look, if it works or not. And i am allmost done. There are few small things like inventory looks bit off position, but it works. Anyone want try ? It will be great, if someone will test, how it works and if something is so bad, that it will not be playable.