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    Looting airdrop from player

  2. Where Did you get the info on aim assist/aimbot?
  3. ButtAbs

    Lockbox bug

    Same here... For about two weeks now, the grontheim valley AND viktorsen station barn lockboxes are glitch locked.. But have had the barn boxes on both Fiske and Brodelan behave the same way(non responsive to B button), but only sporadically, opening for me on one encounter and then not on the next(same day).
  4. ButtAbs

    Weapon change not possible

    I have the same issue, but figured out a (very inconvenient) work-around.. Instead of using the Y button to swap between highlighted weapons, I now have to go through the weapon wheel for the initial swap, and after that(using weapon wheel), am I able to go back to the traditional way(Y button) of switching between highlighted weapons...
  5. ButtAbs

    Game crash

    I absolutely love this game, and the direction it seems to be trying to go.. But the more I play it, the more frequent I seem to get kikd.. Its happened from any and every point imaginable. In queue, heading back to my shelter after a match.. As soon as I log in, it is literally anyone's guess as to when it might happen... There doesn't seem to be any specific action or sequence that causes this rapid regression.. Just poof.. This time I lost the best weapon I've come across so far, without the ability to craft it... Antibiotics, rare ammo...