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  1. Hey viktor I had a question/request I noticed in grontheim valley in the blue house across from the church where one of the treasure spots pops up that there's an attic area and in the house an attic door it looks like it wants to be opened and closed wink wink maybe have that hold x option I think it would be awesome to add that in I play vigor a minimum 40 hours a week and just thought I'd share my thoughts oh and some bushy beards would be cool other then that vigor is awesome keep up the good job guys and people like secret doors
  2. Dirty_Pedro

    Nerfed antenna.

    Changes vigor needs crowns should be cheaper $9.99 should be 1,000 I know if that was the case people would buy them more frequently,clothes should be cheaper and are antenna for generating them should be letting us earn minimum 15 crowns a day so the people who can't afford crowns can still pitch in to the loot bonus!!!! And make it so we can play 3 or 4 man squads most people have more then 1 friend other then that this game is fucking awesome even with its bugs