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  1. Please limit or remove these from game!! It has completely ruined the stealth part of this game. If you do keep them you should limit the number you can take in with you to say 2 or 3. Every sweaty a-hole comes in with 5-10 or more of these at a time, and just spams them until they end up playing cod basically... It's a very shitty form of pay to win, again ruining the game completely! Pease, I know the game is free, but this is too much!
  2. HomemadeG

    How About Two Game Modes?

    I'm down with this, and have mentioned it previously. But my recommend for hard mode is to take it back to old vigor, 1.not seeing who you go in with 2.no indicators on the map for safe, signal, 3.upping locked exits different exits etc. Also 4. Let lone wolf's collect all crates if in trips or duos
  3. HomemadeG

    One loot and no campers!!!!!

    All I have to say about this and other topics.. I've been a true fan and supporter of this game since day 1. Version 0.5. This was before you could even see who went into an encounter with you, when there was no indicators on the map for signal, etc. and when the safe was the only big loot. Every encounter I go into now, I can clearly tell people are just greedy, only going for the big loot, hello people, the entire map has loot! you just have to look! Your laziness is trying to ruin this game! Many times going through a house that someone already has been to, I can guarantee there is still loot in the house for me Every single one of you in this topic are the reason the game plays how it does now, and you are all to blame. All ya'll do is bitch, bitch, bitch. From what I've seen no matter the changes in this game, ya'll will always have something dumb, unconstructive to say about it! Also, the term camping shouldn't be used in this game, it's stealth and survival, "camping" does not fit into this.. HOWEVER, if it takes you more than the 4 minute timer on the God hand mortars, then you deserve it! There is absolutely no reason to lay in one spot for an entire quarter of the encounter... which are about 10 to 15 minutes in length. And the guy talking about commies and nazis, get the f outta this forum, and this game..you political piece of s..., don't taint my church, my place of relaxing, with your bullsh.t political add ins, leave politics out of games!! Plus why would you support something you clearly have such negative views about? Cod will gladly take your money. Last thing.. Bohemia has done a great job not listening to every bullsh.t request guys you have, just because you just got killed in an encounter and can't handle it...
  4. As title states, PLEASE put challenges back on top of info.. why was this done in the first place? Its like you don't want anybody to complete them... Thanks
  5. Most matches end up just being pure lone wolves, but aside that a good duos lone wolf match isn't easy, why can I not take my second care package? I think you've earned that if you've made it that far, you should certainly be rewarded for killing everybody in duos. Has any one played trios yet? Also, please put challenges on top by default over your new little info screen, very annoying second step for no reason, just to see the challenges. I end up forgetting they're there..
  6. I've had one empty challenge slot since the update. I have noticed it isn't refilling daily as it should... actually haven't had a challenge in that spot since the update... Any one else have this issue??
  7. HomemadeG

    Need more clues for trolls

    From my little troll experience, they make the quickest quiet little troll noise, there is a chance to miss it. I found the same troll on two separate maps, fyi.
  8. HomemadeG

    Throwables Items

    ...Why the fishing dock? ...And this new door in 3.1 update ...more questions..
  9. Hey @fOrsythiaa , Thank you so much for the reply! You have done a wonderful job explaining a few things I've been wondering about. I just wanted to add, I do have a full time job and a somewhat limited time to grind also but I have made it this far without any options to buy in earlier versions. I believe the biggest reason I bring that up I guess is the rise in "less skill based" battles, which is where I assumed restricting blueprints might have stopped this.. the only thing I mean by that, and I've said this before, in earlier versions, more of the players I came across in my experience went in with minimal ammo and switched to single fire in an effort to conserve ammo. Which just meant less "full auto runners" and brought about amazing sometimes lengthy stand offs... just miss those at times.. I would still like to throw my hat in there for some type of "hardcore" mode that resembles the earlier versions with single fire only, no seeing who's coming in with you and no signal detectors..😉 I really do appreciate you guys more than you know! I really never have and never will mean any direspect in these rants. If you take anything from my sometimes crazy rants, it should be that I only mean the greatest amount of respect for this game and the all the people involved in making it. Companies are one thing but people are another. This is the only game I have played that is like it. My perfect style game I never knew about so at times I feel personally attached to it. Again much love and respect! Thanks for reading through all of this if you've made it this far. Keep it up guys! Stay safe out there! HomemadeG
  10. I agree with you Matthew, you said it best, not that I want a story mode or more of it, just it implemented correctly. The Shelter should get something added as well. They used to have a customization tab under the improvements section, I always thought they would add way to customize the shelter to make your own, color, etc. that would be a cool way to implement joining your team mate at his shelter or yours if you sent the invite. This was also removed. I do remember back in one of the early versions, someone asked for something on the fishing dock in the back, as in extra something to do and bi said they don't plan to add anything.
  11. This glitch has been a problem since day one. How has this not been addressed yet? Whatever ammo is loaded in guns is gone when returning to shelter. Is it not a big deal because it's our loss? Seems the way the dev's want to run this, charge for everything, but when we lose hard earned equipment from disconnects or these types of glitches, nothing is done about it. Now you've limited how much xp people win in the shootout, I'm not sure if others have noticed blue lockpick crates give less occasionally now. In previous posts I've mentioned how this is becoming like a cod copy and now everything just gets nerfed, as long as it doesn't favor the player. crown tower amount, still hardly worth checking. Losing ammo constantly, no fix coming...? New shootout aleady got the xp taken down, not sure how much they nerfed with that silent patch. There is no way you guys are losing out on that much money by leaving the xp amount the way it was, and it couldn't have been a "game balance" scenario, since it say everybody wins, achieve highest score to maximize rewards.... well coming in anything lower than 3rd now apparently doesn't pay out at all anymore... 3.1 update, I've seen that the weapons layout has changed...please don't follow through with it, why change it?? Please also revert the weapons, ammo, and consumables tabs back to the bumpers, it was more streamlined before. The plus stuff, What point (other than money) was it to let all the blueprints out for purchase, this alone has defeated the original story and gameplay of Vigor. Why is it that I started in version .5 and I finally have more purple and gold then common weapons, which in post apocalyptic Norway is already too much but I've also been on for along time so I get it, but Johnny who downloaded this yesterday, just bought all the blue prints, gave you guys more money and now has unlimited amounts of purple and gold weapons, never once having to experience any lower class weapons, or the grind for the good ones. Where does this story ever come in to play? Or better yet, if your gonna change the game so much why does a story even matter, never feel like I'm in a post apocalyptic scene anymore.. Loved Vigor, not sure what this is becoming though... sorry can't help the rants, everytime I get on now, I just get disappointed, alot of these decisions that are in my opinion game breaking or atleast completely game changing are just monetary ones.
  12. as stated in title, not all friends show up. 2 friend in particular, play with them all the time and never get to see their stats.
  13. HomemadeG

    Laying down not possible?

    I've had that happen a few times and when it does I better start looking for taller cover... I have yet to figure out how to fix in game. It occurs randomly about half way through the encounter. I have since tried the above with no luck also..
  14. I agree with you also Oldninja. I have attempted to adapt to the new vigor, so in spirit, i've been running around full auto, no looting, just running and killling for the past few days...haven't died yet! BUT my god is it ever the most boring cod game this way! I appreciate that there are at least a few of us out there still hoping for change!
  15. No one has tried to convince me this game isn't becoming a lame cod monetary copy... DEV'S please listen to your real fans! You say your listening, but I just don't think your listening to actual fans that st8ck around through thick and thin. We all clearly have a problem with what ya'll are turning this game into. A) your making the game too easy for people to run around without care B) top tier or rare weapons are the most abundant... no sense there C) My heart used to pound everytime I left a match because of how intense the situations could get... now CALL OF DUTY style, basically who cares if you die or don't die. D) people mention being done with shelter upgrades, which is part of the reason no one "loots" anymore, every spot I come across where people have been, i can guarantee there will still be loot...nothing is being done about keeping the higher tier players entertained (this goes back to no love being shown to the original supporters that brought this game to light) E) a type of hardcore mode could help.. with limited map features, no full auto and no pre lobby info. Don't miss understand, I have the greatest respect for the dev's, but I sincerely and unfortunately believe all these decisions to be only monetary not for the good of the game, but for the good of the check. Even though BI was just named for the amount of profit it made last year... Please BI listen to your actual true base!