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  1. HomemadeG

    Bring back map select

    BI trying to stop teaming when BI basically introduced it in .6. Hence the Hey! Emoji... or the reason in tips bar it still tells you to make friends... Aside from the fact at times I still wait over a minute or 2 in the current quick play que.. how is that better? This is becoming a bad version of cod, people are forgetting what this game is about, that it's more than just running around in full auto. All the suspense of this game is disappearing because of these changes. This new death match mode also won't help much...fml
  2. Considering the new game mode coming soon. I guess cod 2.0 is real.. here we go
  3. Dev team has done a great job of fixing things quickly and adding new things, but the core experience, in my opinion, is disappearing from this game, I believe, because of only monetary reasons. All those who run around in full auto, with apparently no care in the world... why play Vigor? Is it just to troll? This game can't be fun like that... why not warzone instead for instance? 12 people vs 150.. What is the point of this game if that's what most people do? I've been a Vigor fan since the beginning (.5). The reason this game was amazing is because of the skill involved to play with most people using single fire with minimal ammo that ended up providing bad ass stand off's/ battles, or shit even possible friendships, which isn't possible anymore. Now this game seems to only cater to full auto players with aim assist that run around blindly, not caring about any particular part of the game that makes it so special. Just spray and pray. What an awful idea for a game..(cod) Besides the fact there is no love shown to the og players that supported from day 1... At least a hardcore mode for those us who still care... with single fire only, limited map function, e.i. not being able to see signal detector, comm station and barred house on map, No pre lobby, it was soo much more fun not knowing any details like player count. This mode is what would make Vigor special again! I barely play daily anymore because of this. Cod is trash compared to this, but this is starting to copy it. "Not Cool!" - Awesom-o
  4. As mentioned in other threads the aiming in 3rd person over the left shoulder while crouched is unplayable in this current version, also very important to have in my case. Also in general it is a small nightmare getting aim controls tuned just right. Very cumbersome. Also when was this 'aim assist' added? Where is the difficulty of this game going? The only way I die is by people running up and full auto spray (who cares mentality) when this game used to be skill based in single fire, with proper stand off's. Keep up the good work, and please fix a few things that don't make it easier for the players who don't care. Thanks
  5. HomemadeG

    several issues after update

    I also have all the above issues. I haven't found a fake cache one yet, but the actual buried cache I grabbed didn't give me xp either. Also to add to the list. Looking over the left shoulder while aiming in 3rd person results in me aiming at the back of my head. Aiming in 3rd person in general is bad in current version for both sides. Guy takes longer to pull out gun and the gun does a weird glitchy half loop before I can fire.
  6. Hand is moving into the gun while aiming down sights. Looks to be a problem since hunter update
  7. This game should be about skill and everyone runs in with none and just sprays in one direction... not cool. I only use single fire, full auto very rarely. Higher recoil on full auto would limit its use to the brainless cod players that storm through these beautiful landscapes. Please think about it!! Thanks
  8. It's as if I can only hear half the steps. I saw someone at a distance running and it looked like something may have been done with that, they look the way they sound, glitched out but not... please look into this, the full set of step sounds come in when they are closer.
  9. HomemadeG


    Are we thinking animals like in farcry? Where your super sneaky looking one way and then a cougar attacks from another? Or you run after your enemy while an angry bear runs after you... haha .. cool idea but Vigor I believe has a very fine line between what it is/was and some fort-build-nite c.o.d. nightmare that it easily could be. This type of game isn't something we've seen much of, aside from maybe the pc game Ecape from Tarkov. That said, would love some new interesting "agendas" in game like this as long as core game values are retained..
  10. Hey! No worries! From what I understand, what your looking for is when, for instance, your 1st primary weapon or secondary...which could be a G3 or something.. you switch from full auto to single fire and now you want to switch weapons to one of your other primary or secondary weapons, which could be the ADR, and you want the ADR to now also be in single fire automatically? Long sentence...sorry.. but basically have the fire select mode, single, burst, or full auto as a global setting, as in it would remain the same for each weapon once selected...given that type of weapon has the option.. If so I am also for it, I do tend to forget to switch to single fire on my secondary weapons....
  11. HomemadeG

    Weapon Plans for sale

    I agree, it ain't right. I get its free to play and they have to make money but that changes the meaning of rare loot forever... meaning there ain't none! They have sold all their high end weapons in the store since the start of the holiday.. Everyday has been a new one, all which I've earned prior, the proper way...
  12. So, not sure if everyone remembers the Original Vigor .5 version. What I liked so very much about that version was that you couldn't see who was coming in with ya or how many there are to begin with. So I was thinking maybe add some sort of pro mode or realistic mode where your limited to single fire and can't see who is joining you. This game mode would also disable the signal beacon... thoughts? Was thinking, then Vigor could cater to the current pop. As well as the originals that have been here for a while!
  13. I have acquired a few new guns, but it looks like I'm not getting the new challenges for those guns. Unless the SVG and the scoped G3 don't have shooting range challenges... Thanks
  14. Why are high tier weapons like the ADR-97 plans available for purchase?! Not understanding this move. Not ever pixel of this game has to have monetary value! No weapon blueprints/ plans should available this way, ever. I believe it is ruining it for all true "been there since the beginning" players. I have earned all my plans the hard way, through alot of successful air drop retrievals, not through easy pay screens. Especially the high tier weapons, that are supposed to be " very rare". New comers should look at the high tier guns, like the VSS, how I used to look at them... like a unicorn..crap explanation.. but basically hard to find! I always wanted to grind more knowing that those weapons were very hard to obtain. Please fix this giant gun economy issue!
  15. HomemadeG

    Just Trash Now

    Can't tell if your being sarcastic or not oldninja! ha, if not, am curious to the tweaks you speak of! My personal gripes with the current version that need to be changed to make it work for everyone are radiation speed, which I think we need to go back to the old speed of radiation but have the radiation wave be more random, as the wave always starts furthest from the air drop. Would be nice to see air drop at top of map with radiation also starting up top... accessibility to high tier weapons too easily obtained, this should be common sense quit making the adr or guns like it the easiest to get.. On a side note, even challenges have been reduced to nothing. Most challenges are very much not worth any effort at all. A. Using 5 painkillers isn't really a "challenge".. B. Getting 2 fuel, 10 broken glass and 1,000 materials for it isn't a reward.. P.s. it is a bit sad to me that this official vigor forum doesn't get any responses from any devs, but the twitter does, leads me to believe that it may be part of the problem..