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  1. To sum up the server: It's a great friggin' server. A little detail about my experience: • The lack of tanks, rocket launchers, and thermal weapons makes this server stand far above the rest. The PvE missions spawn at a great rate and do a fantastic job at keeping the PvP locations constantly changing (Getting sniped by the same guy who camps the same spots at the airfield gets old after a while). • The admins are super receptive to feedback. It's the only sever I can play on where I can criticize/make suggestions and not feel like all my stuff will be gone next time I log in. Changes/fixes are made frequently and are posted in the Discord "announcements" chat. • The players are very friendly. Every time I have a question in side chat it's been answered quickly. Everyone is willing to help. You'll find a lot of players willing to team up to help combat hostile groups of players. So matter the size of an enemy group, you'll always have a fighting chance. • The base raiding have been dialed in to perfection. It's the perfect balance between cost of material, risk of death, and reward. Ash and I are currently in a battle to see who can get the furthest kill shot. I apologize in advance if you get caught up in this war we have going. Don't stand still.