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  1. my brain just froze but thank you im still new to scripting arma so still trying to figure things out just realised thats not what i was asking i can make the second script
  2. ok so heres a better explanation first script while this is true once the player is within the radius of the zone the sound will play with a sleep command of 2 which will then give me my sound i want playing on repeat with no pauses until i leave the zone which is perfect and lets say my other script also has a sound and effects if im not wearing something e.g. goggles included perfect but then i want to launch it from the first script every time the first script loops it launches the second script making it stack on top which then plays sound and effects every time it loops it echos this is because the script is been launched on each loop causing it to launch numerous times so i want both scripts running same time depending on different conditions but also on the main condation once im in that zone if i use a waituntil command it will pause my first script
  3. does anyone know how to launch a script from another script within a loop without the script been launched from the script with loop stacking ? example: the script launched from the looped script will stack instead of playing the script as normal then repeat