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    Charity box / food donations

    Is anyone else having issues with the charity box updating? I've put in nearly 20,000 over last few weeks & not registered on score board, I put in 5000, wait for countdown to end get my 4 crate's & do same again, but donation amount is not going on .... Can this please be fixed...
  2. markiemark1869

    Matchmaking is frustrating. Still.

    Hi, It's not just the getting matched up with highly skilled players when you are a novice, it's also getting put in games with teams of 2, 3 & 4 players when you are on your own, this winds me up, I just want to loot to build my shelter right up, but the team players just want to hunt & kill everyone & get air drop.. I had two teams of 3 player's joined up & trying to kill me last night, I had to exit the map about 7 or 8 mins into game or would have lost what little loot I had.. There should be team players game & single players game......
  3. markiemark1869

    Playing With Crowns, disconnection, lost Crowns

    You wont get listened to on here, i have put same complaint in weeks ago as i have lost over 1200 crowns, weapons, ammo, loot, & no one gets back to you, just a few saying stop crying, its a free game... Not when you buy crowns & lose them its not free..... I have emailed them on there website, & never had a reply, left posts on the official vigor xbox page & nothing back there either..
  4. You can you get a refund then? Ive lost over 1100 crowns now getting kicked off games during play after i have paid insurance & extra loot... I dont use or have twitter tho......
  5. & yet again, another 60 crowns insurance & 30 crowns for extra loot gone as i got kicked to the sign in page again, less than 60 seconds into the game , map was Fiske Fabrikk time was 12.10am.... Sort ya shit out Bohemia Interactive.... you are costing me alot of money now.....
  6. So i take it Tyson765, you work for Bohemia Interactive then? You want some details, here we go... To date, i have now had 780 crowns for insurance & 390 crowns for extra loot lost on all maps as the game starts i have been kicked back to the sign in press A page, & lost the lot. This has happend at all different times of day & night over last 2 to 3 weeks. Thats nearly 40 GBP ive lost.. 90 of these crowns lost was 30 mins ago... I will not go into a game without insurance, as i want weapons, ammo & loot covered... One AK47 as i got back to my shelter after a game, was gone & i had not used it in the game.. One ADR 97 i had taken off another player i shot, was taken from my weapon stash as i wasnt using it as at the time because i didnt have enough ammo for it.. 200 x 5.56x45 nato rounds taken from my stash, as i use this ammo for my AUR A1 & new exactly how much i had... 100 x 7.62x39 rounds taken from my stash, i know i had this, as i didnt have these rounds untill i took them off a body i looted.. 2 full inventorys of loot disappear on returning to my shelter, both were from the train station map... I had the Suomi KP 31 empty its entire mag on 3 or 4 occasions, & no finger on the trigger botton... So, what happens now then?... Will i see any of my gear back? I want my crowns back at least.... Regards, Mark
  7. I know the Cherry Tree well pal, its shops now lol..... I will add ya on xbox & then when i get a bit better, i will give you a shout mate.. Cheers..
  8. Yes mate, markiemark1869... Im new to game, just over a week now i think, but been playing 5 or 6 hrs everyday as had 6 days days off work with pulled neck muscle, so not that good at yet & wouldnt wanna cock up on ya team as ive only played solo, just getting shelter up & nice..... Northwich, no way.. Im from Runcorn, i go through Northwich to me dads in Sandbach when im up North seeing me misses in Runcorn...
  9. Hi Oldninja, I also hope someone is reading all the posts here.. I am a big fan of this game, but... Since i posted yesterday, i have played about 7 or 8 encounters, been kicked twice, lost another 180 crowns & lost another weapon & ammo.. Played twice this morning & my PK is just emptying the hole mag in one go, that glitch was meant to have been fixed days ago acording to there Vigor official club page on xbox.. I just want to know if i can get back all the crowns i have lost, its over forty quids worth now... Also, i used to live in Cheshire.. Where abouts are you??
  10. No, its not just you.. Dont get me wrong, i love this game, but... Ive had the same problems since i started playing the game 7 days ago, after it happening several times i started keeping a note of what i had lost, up to 3pm today, i have lost over 1,100 worth of crowns [costing me money] i used for the insurance & extra loot before you go into the game, then as you start game, i get kicked off to the log in page, so crowns lost, thats 12 times now that ive kept a note of... Ive had 1 AK47, 1 ADR-97, 200 x 5.56x45 nato rounds, 100 x 7.62x39 rounds & 2 x full inventorys of loot all gone..... The weird thing is that the ADR-97 & all the ammo was in my stash, not on me in the game.. How can that just disappear??? The AK47 was on my back as i exited the game, when i was loded back at shelter, it was gone... I have posted on the xbox Vigor official club page about this happening, & i heared nothing back off anyone... I know its a free game, but not when i spend my money & loes it cos they cant fix all the bugs the game has...