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  1. Hello y'all, Has anyone successfully export FBX model WITH textures?. I have been trying to export via File -> Export -> FBX with settings: Mesh export properties: Select Export current LOD only, Check Split to separate objects. Check Try to reconstruct object names Textures and materials: Check Export textures definitions Extract textures from RVMAT Include RVMAT references Skinning: Select Don't export skinning Uncheck Exclude ordinary selections Other: Check Export edges Export normals All I get is the target fbx but textures doesn't appear anywhere. FBX renders flat (no texture) on Windows10's 3D Viewer btw. Also, when I try to use Autodesk's FBX Converter it says that "File is corrupted" 😞 ... On the bright side, Buldozer renders my model with textures 🙂 so I assume my P drive and configs are all ok.