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  1. Hello everyone. I was recently convinced to play arma 2 with my friends. We played and i instantly got hooked. I even created a map(usually one of my friends would create mission for us to do) that we played and enjoyed. Now, i had amazing idea for a map, but i need some help to make it work. Map is Podagorsk. On north side of map, there is train track that goes in between two cliffs, creating huge chokepoint. My map idea is that one team of players is stuck at that chokepoint, and has to defend against enemies(inf, cars, armor, choppers), while second team has to steal a chopper, then go to first team and try to extract them before they get overruned by enemies. For this to work: 1.I need enemies to go in waves, meaning i need to create a delay between lets say when will inf start to attack, and when will chopper start to attack. 2.I also need enemies cars and tanks not to stop midway, since when i made waypoint for them, they didnt want to go all the way as i intented to, instead they would stop and do nothing. 3.Way for enemy arty to shoot near us to create fear(if they shot directly at us, we would all die fast) If anyone can guide me or send me a existing video explaining these 3 request, i would be grateful.