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  1. Bug Reporting (Indestructible Enemies) Yesterday I was playing Vigor with a friend, It was my first time playing DUO and the experience was terrible. We tried to play 3 matches but we all had the same problem, the other players didn't get damage from our weapons. I am content creator and all matches (match attempt) have been recorded. It is very complicated to defend the game Vigor, and it is almost impossible to create a community for the game if all the few I know complain about the same problem. This friend of mine said he played Vigor for a while and said he always had this defect. I would like the positioning of the developer company because I am creating weekly videos talking about the game and it is very difficult to argue in favor of the game with a defect of your enemies become indestructible and at the end of each game, you lose all the loot and their weapons, knowing who hit the shots but did no damage.