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    I would really like the ability to use the med kit, its just plain annoying I can't use it, half the time I can never even use my medic because he takes awhile to reach me and gets shot. However I feel what is more important is the toolkit but not to repair vehicles but to disarm mines. I don't know if there is a friendly EOD AI but there sure are mines. I get that maybe using the toolkit to repair vehicles would be OP, EOD and healing would sure be nice. I just looked and helicopters come with both toolkits and medkits, and so do a good amount of ground vehicles. It would be nice to be able to use them otherwise they are just wasted space
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    Personally I think this is my only complaint with the Redux as is. The restricted zone just channels players into one area, but that also means you can't have fun and drop off a squad to capture the objective from behind, or scout, ect. Going anywhere was the best part of Warlords in my opinion because it makes the game feel BIG, and does what almost no other game mode does with this much popularity; it makes using the entire island of Altis fun and not feel empty. This restricted zone breaks that idea and personally takes most of the enjoyment out of the game mode for me, if I want to transport a squad via Helicopter I have to go in a certain way everytime, which is extremely predictable and I will most likely get shot down. I don't think the problem is the wide open areas its the ability to camp an air field with a missile and the ability to capture sectors in the enemy lines that are not being targeted by the power that is capturing them. I think this is the best way to solve this, although I disagree with the AT missiles in a vehicle, that seems like a very hard thing to limit (I think) and if they want to spend an hour loading up a prowler with missiles so be it; after it gets blow up a few times I doubt anyone has the will to do it again If you just take away the ability to call launchers on your location this should solve a lot, that way if anyone wants to get anywhere (let's us the island near AAC as an example) they are going to have to drive a vehicle. Lets say they try to get to the island using a boat, well boats are semi-slow, show up on radar and can only move on the water. If the player reaches the island and shoots down a few helicopters in my opinion that was fair, the player reached the island without being spotted using fair vehicles. But it would be unfair if this player could call in more missiles than he carried. Alright, now say the player reached the island using a helicopter, and shot down a few vehicles. Again this is fair, helicopters are not silent and are fairly easy to see and thus if the player manages to get a few missiles off I feel it is justified because the airfield did not have correct defense. But, then again maybe I'm just wrong; I never did have any heavy troubles with this whole camping thing.