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Simpler Ways to Make Fabric Flowers


Sewing is just not a limited skill to sew clothes and simpler things but as a beginner, you can do wonders. We all have seen different things made up of clothes like flowers, bands, pouches, stuff toys, and many more things.


These things look beautiful and usually, people who don’t know much about the sewing may think these things are hard to sew.

Use a sewing machine for beginners to make fabric flowers


To make the right things and to turn yourself into a pro, first, you need a sewing machine which must be simple and easy to use. Learn more about the best inexpensive sewing machine for beginners to buy a good value sewing machine. Today here we are to tell you about the simpler ways to make fabric flowers in no time and without any complications.




Let’s go through the simple steps and turn yourself into the pro.


1. Chiffon Fabric Flowers:


Chiffon is one of the beautiful fabric but it’s not easy to handle it. One needs to be totally aware of the handling of chiffon and how you are supposed to sew it. To prepare the flower you may need 10-15 layers of this clothing. To control this soft fabric and to make it crunch, first scrunch them in your hands, then burn the sides of the chiffon lightly to mold it in the shape of a flower.


Burn the edges so there must be curl on the edges of chiffon. Cut them in the shape of circles or like petals. Now sew them in an irregular shape from large shape to small. Use thick thread to sew the flower and in the middle yarn to make it look like polymers. You can make a number of flowers in one go easily.


2. Silk Fabric Flowers:


It looks amazing when you sew them in a bunch. First, draw a flower with petals on the fabric with the help of chalk or invisible ink to cut the shape out. Now to make them look curvy and hard, you need to spray starch over them. Starch will make the edges hard and you can sew it in no time. Use acrylic paint as well to reduce the softness of the cloth. Sew the petals and layers on each other.


To make work easier you can definitely stick flowers with the stem by glue. Use glue to complete the work quickly. Before fixing flower in the stem, use the button to prepare the middle part of the flower. Use these flowers anywhere in your home or in your sewing space.


3. Jersey Fabric Flowers:


At the time of making flowers, it’s not important to sew them with your hand. As a beginner, if you have the best first sewing machine like machines here https://craftsselection.com/best-sewing-machines-for-beginners/ then use it for small stitches.




To construct flowers with the Jersey fabric, you have to look for the stretchy fabric. Cut a long and thin strip of the jersey, if you will cut the long strip, the flower will be much thicker and beautiful. Wrap the fabric around your hand and strip should be longer. Now remove it from your hand and tie one more strip in the middle of the roll. Once the flower is tied from the middle cut the upper part and you can see it will look like a closed and half opened flower.


Start trimming and turn the lower side to the upper side. Tie it gently and stick it to the stem. Your jeans flower is ready.


4. Organza Fabric Flowers:


It would be much easier to prepare the organza flower as compared to the other fabrics. You can see how on different fabrics there is an Organza flower on the belt because it looks delicate and elegant. First, cut the 4 layers of the square and keep in mind how big flower you need to prepare. Then cut another 4 layers of square but smaller than the previous one. Pin them in 2 sets.


Now cut the corners of both stacks and turn them into the circle. Start cutting them in the shape of petals but don’t separate them. Repeat this with all and don’t mix them together at this point. Now first put the larger layer and add a smaller layer on the top. Sew them from the back. Fluff them with your fingers and don’t put pressure on the petals. You can fluff as per your requirement and how you want your flower to look like.


5. Felt Flowers:


For this kind of flower, you need felt garment. Here you don’t have to apply certain tricks on the fabric to make it hard to mold. All you need is the right tools and scissors to cut the shape. You can use a large button or fabric button to prepare the mid of the flower. First, draw a circle on the fabric with the help of chalk or any stationary which should not leave a stain on the garment.


Cut the circle out and start cutting the petals but don’t separate them completely. Now turn the edges into a leaf-like pattern so they must be irregular and can have real look. If you have another fabric like that cut that out in the shape of a circle to prepare the mid of the flower. Sew with the help of thread and use same color thread to avoid any messy look on the flower.


Later to protect it from the moisture and to make it look new every day, spray the starch over it. Starch will help the flower in maintaining it's shaped for a long time.




If you want to sew more than one flower then you can sew them through the machine. If you want to learn more about the best rated sewing machines for beginners and want to own one in your sewing space then check the link above to learn more. These flowers are just not going to add beauty but they are easy to use as well as the best part is that they won’t die.