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  1. Idk how you didn't get seen lmao I silent kill people from 100m away and get spotted instantly. I've tried this are 6 or 7 times, there are technically 2 squads there but the first one is just outside the base at a road checkpoint and it's usually fairly easy to deceive them into leaving though I have had two of them stay a couple times, which is makes things difficult as they are too close to stealth kill both of them, I drop one and the other spots me. So that group may be affected by bad pathfinding but the ones that are in the base, I think i'm coming to the conclusion that they are base guards and not an actual squad. I do have a silenced auto-rifle but there is never one guy and they almost always notice the other guy getting shot.
  2. Ok I got some sleep now lol. It isn't another squad as there is no other frequency, I circled the area they are in and haven't found another squad signal. I may be able to sneak kill the 2 to 4 guys that stay behind, I don't know exactly how many stay but last time I got into a firefight with them I ended up killing around 7 enemies and still had one left, I'm assuming at least half of those were the squad I told to leave, coming back after hearing gunshots. The problem is the guys that stay behind will sometimes hear me drop people 100 meters away from them with a clean silenced headshot and then they instantly know where I am and everything goes to shit. Maybe I have to crouch when getting down onto a ladder? I don't remember if I tried that when I was trying to get it to work. But that's what I was looking for, the little arrow pointing down, just like the one pointing up when I got on it but I never saw the arrow all the way up to falling off.
  3. Most are small bugs that don't affect gameplay or at least little enough that I don't care but there are a few that really make it hard to play sometimes(I can't recall what they were, I haven't slept in 36 hours). No they aren't other squads this is like the 4th mission the first one where I'm actually doing anything. The only thing I can think is they aren't assigned to a squad and are just base troops. Yes, I've played a few single player missions and a lot of multiplayer, just don't recall it teaching me to use a ladder and when I went to get down from a ladder there was no symbol at all and no way I could see to get on. I got up perfectly fine but there was no way down but falling, which lead to the infinite fall animation glitch, which was ultimately what killed me, floated right out into enemy fire.(Last fucking guy too..)
  4. Unless I'm mistaken when you deceive an enemy squad over radio the ENTIRE squad is supposed to leave, so why is it that in the DLC most of the time there is always at least, usually more, one guy left making it practically impossible to stealth the missions. Can some one either tell me I'm wrong about it being everyone or if it is a glitch with the DLC missions or the radio deceiving mechanic? Also side note I realized in my last run, how the hell do you climb down ladders? No matter where I looked the indicator wouldn't show up. Ended up falling off the roof and getting stuck in an endless fall animation, floating across the floor. This game is full of so many bugs. I don't get how something this riddled can become as popular as it is when games like fallout 76, another game riddled with bugs but a lot more playable than this bugged out game, gets shit on into oblivion. This game and the developers need to get some shit to start a fire under them and fix some of these bugs, they literally kill the game, I can't even preform simple actions without bugging out.