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    Livonia Zeus Mission?

    They must have added it today. It was not available on July 25.
  2. _TheDon_

    Livonia Zeus Mission?

    After playing the single-player campaign for contact and loving every minute of it, i was thinking about all the cool missions people could make on zeus. I was very dissapointed to see that a Livonia mission does not exist for zeus. You cannot use any of the good assets from Contact for the other maps! Please make a Livonia mission for zeus that has all of the entities enabled. It would also be cool if there was a new zeus lightning bolt type module, like what happens to you if you get too close to the entity in SP. We have a zeus mission for Tanoa... Why not Livonia? There are very few people proficient enough to create actual scenarios in the eden editor, and not having the newest and coolest DLC in my favorite game mode was a slap in the face!