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  1. Hi I've been working on setting up respawn loadouts for a mission I am making and while I have figured out how to set up the gear that the player will respawn with but i cant figure out how to change the role (or class I'm not sure of the right term but basically how the player will show up on the map and other players HUD) and the player traits (medic, engineer, etc.) after the player respawns. From what I have learned so far I think that it might not be potable to change the role if I want to use a custom loadout but I at least should be able to change traits. Below are links to a pastebin of my initserver.sqf, onplayerRespawn.sqf and description.ext if needed although I'm pretty sure the problem is in the onplayerRespawn.sqf. initserver.sqf https://pastebin.com/Xv08VPYT onplayerRespawn.sqf https://pastebin.com/Rkr7ynSU description.ext https://pastebin.com/NcAUdaTX Any help with this would be appreciated and I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Thanks
  2. I've been having a problem with players who show up late to missions not being linked to the zeus and cant use the usual "Editable Objects (Zeus)" option that is available in the Eden Enhanced mod. To fix this I have written the following script that should add all playable units to the list of zeus editable objects every 30 seconds. while {true} do { sleep 30; GameMaster addCuratorEditableObjects [[playableUnits],true ]; }; I don't know if the syntax is correct or not but I should be able to figure that out on my own, the problem I am having is that I'm not sure exactly where I should put this in my mission folder. Does it go in the Description.ext, the initServer.sqf or the mission.sqm? Or should I just put something along the lines of " GameMaster addCuratorEditableObjects [[player],true ]; " in the initPlayerLocal.sqf? I'm pretty new to this scripting stuff so I might be misunderstanding the problem or something but i hope this helps explain what I'm trying to do and if you need any further info just let me know. Thanks
  3. Alright I must have had a problem with syntax when I first tested this but I put this while {true} do { sleep 30; GameMaster addCuratorEditableObjects [playableUnits,true ]; }; in the initServer.sqf and it worked. Thanks for the help guys.
  4. Ya no I checked that didnt work. the players all have to respawn when they join should i add something to onplayerRespawn.sqf?
  5. Alright I tried putting this addMissionEventHandler ["PlayerDisconnected", { params ["_id", "_uid", "_name", "_jip", "_owner", "_idstr"]; GameMaster addCuratorEditableObjects [playableUnits,true ]; }]; in the serverinit and i also put while {true} do { sleep 30; GameMaster addCuratorEditableObjects [playableUnits,true ]; }; in the serverinit but neither of these worked. Any other suggestions?
  6. Alright got the problem fixed just figured I would post this for posterity and to help anyone else out that had this problem. The easiest way to change classes on respawn is to just forget about roles and change the players traits. Just make all your player units rifleman or paratroopers or something that fits the mission (this isn't necessary for this to work but should help ease the confusion on the players). Then create a text document title it onplayerRespawn.sqf and paste this in it (https://pastebin.com/T2mG87Kc). On respawn this script checks the players backpack for either a toolkit or a medkit and if one is present will assign them the explosive specialist and engineer traits or the medic traits depending one which one they have. A similar thing can be done with the uav hacker trait but the script would have to be modified to check the players assigned items for a uav terminal of that players faction (check here https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/assignedItems for more info on how assigned items work). Thanks
  7. I'm not sure what exactly that means. ya doing that would make me have to go back and basically redo all the tasks for my entire campaign and id rather not do that so I'm fine if they all show up as riflemen titled "paratrooper" or something (like BI did in Apex where everyone was just labeled solder). I tested this by seeing if the traits are held by a unit are not changed until the next respawn (so basically i went in with a rifleman, forced respawn, chose a medic, forced respawn, chose rifleman and then checked if I could use a medic bag). that didnt seem to be the problem if I am understanding it right. So now I just want to just change player traits on respawn but cant seem to get that to work either. Thanks
  8. Started making this mission about 8 months ago, recently decided to go back and actually finish it. The mission had 2 dependencies that needed to be removed so I went in to the text document and tried to remove them (yes I know I'm a potato). Now whenever I try to open the file in the editor I get the whole "file (insert file location here), line 0: '.raP': ' ' encountered instead of '='". As I understand it I must have accidentally deleted some "invisible characters" (don't know how exactly that works but that's how it was explained to me) and now the whole think is borked. I have tried a system restore, the windows previous versions feature, and a data recovery tool (not total sure the one I used was very good) without success. I'm wondering if there may be a way to decompress the file in a somewhat damaged state because I"m pretty sure i could repair it from there or if I would be able to take out parts of the dependency list (the only part I edited) and that would fix it enough for me to open it with DeraP (I think that would be the right program). Overall pretty sure I've royaly screwed myself but if anybody could explain how i could fix this or has any creative ideas on how it might be possible to get the scenario back it would be much appreciated so that i don't have to spend another 15ish hours rebuilding the mission from memory. Also if needed I can provide screenshots, the mission.sqm or any other assets needed. Thanks
  9. Figured I'd just wrap this up, if you're coming here having done the same thing I did then ya you're boned sorry. For everybody else that helped thanks for helping me out with this. Back to 3den
  10. The Arma 3 Aegis mod (and several others) used to add unarmed wheeled APCs to the game but for some reason these have either been removed from the mods or the mods are no longer up to date. I'd like to recreate this feature with scripting in the editor and have found out how to remove the turret and lock the gunner and commander seats however I would like to be able to give the driver control of smoke countermeasures like how these mods used to allow. Haven't been able to find anyone talking about this so I figured I'd ask if anyone happened to know. Thanks
  11. alright here's whats left of the mission.sqm https://www.dropbox.com/s/6mgzbxrqlnb7uyr/mission.sqm?dl=0 I hope that link works
  12. Ya I’m pretty sure it’s gone and have already started rebuilding it but I’ll upload it for y’all to look at later today.
  13. No I made the HUGE mess and I’m trying to dig myself out. No I did open it in notepad also never heard of that armaunbin I’ll have to try it.