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  1. Hupara

    Grenade explosion script

    Thank you for the answer! Well actually meant liberation mod grenades wchich are great. They rotate when flying, bounce on the ground ja have shrapnel effect when exploding. Also explosion effect is better. Does anyone know how execute script when grende explodes? I need that shrapnel effect.
  2. Hello, Another question, hope somebody can help.. not much hope for that to happen:D There is scripts like fuse and shrapnel effect in some addon grenades, but i haven't been able to figure it out how to add them to my own grenades. Can somebody explain the process where and how I put the script to grenade it to do something when it expoldes and how I make it have a fuse for about 3 seconds. Also the grenade bounching on the ground effect confuses me. Is it somehow related to grenades .p3d file because even if I copy the grenade in config file and only change the .p3d file, the effects are gone. Please help me!
  3. Hello, How to make static weapon sights so that when you press 'V', the player view is down the muzzle of the real static gun 3d model and not the normal sight siluet. I have opened addons that have it made but even if I have copied optics model and viewgunner and view optics part, all i get in my own addon is only crosshair cursor and not seeing the gun itself. What am I doing wrong? Also what is the command for invisible cursor type for weapon? I want to make some specific weapons without the cursor and not touch the difficulty settings. Hope my explanatios are simpel enough that somevody understands them. Best regards Me
  4. Hello, Im making ww2 mod for my slx installation and it is annoying that slx adds this hmg to all tanks via script even tough i dont want some tanks to have commanders mg. Im trying to locate and remove the tank commanders mg feature in slx, can anyone explain how to do that? Best regards Me
  5. Thank you. Yes, thats true but it seems with slx/group link that as soon as combat starts they go down. Thats sad, because group link makes game interesting. Wish I could disable gl script from certain units..
  6. Hello, Been tryin to find answers from all the forums but I cannot find. Even Grouplink and SLX readmes dont give you an answer. Is there any way to make unit stay in one pose with slx or group link mods? Or any way to disable gl features for specific units in a mission? What im tryin to do is to put soldier shoot over sandbags or to stay up standing even in fight. Disableai move, switchmove or setunitpos up etc commands doesn't work, not even together. Ai stays in place with disableai but it goes prone and other way around even if put up or down with setunitpos. These commands work with stock ofp offcourse but GL features seem to overwrite commands I give in the editor. Can anyone help me? Thanks.