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  1. RyanS1994

    1st person perspective?

    is 1st person going to be a thing ever? Even if its just changing perspective in third person perspective games, I really just cant stand playing in third person, I like immersion.
  2. RyanS1994

    still waiting

    so I've been eagerly awaiting the wipe as most people will as there's no send of progression as you know it is all for nothing, the kicker is that the wipe that have been anouncing the exact date in game for has guess what not happend, surprise surprise apparently. I'm not allowed to point out the complete failing of the vigor "community" managers so I wont. Do that, no doubt this post will disappear for no reason, as i am not doing anything wrong, just asking about the complete lack of communication, for example... No mention of the wipe on the 24th of July on these "official forums" I mean they announced it on twitter so that's good enough right? No its not, I joined these forums for game updates, also it is announced in game the date of the wipe so thats great right? No its not.. I like many others are waiting for the wipe to play as we see it as a complete waste of time to play... Therefore we don't see a message in game announcing the date of the wipe as we are not playing the game daily but alot of us at checking. The "official forums" for information but seeing no information about the wipe date... Sorry for the grammar errors as I'm using a shit phone and don't care for correcting it
  3. RyanS1994

    Am i missing something?

    no shit that's how I found out, I haven't been playing because of the inevitable wipe but i check the official forums and no date posted here atall thats my point.
  4. RyanS1994

    Am i missing something?

    So am I blind or have they seriously not announced on these forums when the character wipe is? What a joke, no doubt they put that one on twitter rather than they're official forums.... Smh just like the dayz forum.