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  1. Okay no post no upload this is basically settled it kind of sucks to be honest original Creator is missing anyways thank you I'm still going to continue to try and get a hold of him
  2. I have already attempted to get ahold of the original author however he is overall missing I have left a comment on a video on his YouTube channel and I left a message in his inbox on armaholic however his YouTube channel and the original Mod are not active for at least 7 years as the original Mod was posted in 2011 and his last video on his YouTube channel was posted 8 years ago I personally want to revive the smile because I spent so much time flying that aircraft in Arma 2 and in Cold War assault and now I spend a huge amount of time playing Arma 3 I would like to see this thing in all its Glory see if it still holds up I have zero interest and claiming it as mine my only interest is to see this thing fly again this time in Arma 3 It's the veritech fighter super Valkyrie from Robotech/ Macross And the other thing is in its current state it's playable I'm going to post a development blog and I am about ready to upload it to the workshop in both the video and description for the mod I will be pleading for the developer to get in touch with me because I have some questions for him I want to know if he was intending on adding all three modes to it and I want to know if he's okay with this Even though that it's playable it is still broken and I am still having problems with the config and I'm trying my best to sort out the sound issue I know there's a lot more issues but I'm dealing with one thing at a time the mod: his youtube:
  3. I am porting over a mod from ARMA 2 called vf-1s super Valkyrie http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=14518 I kind of grew tired of waiting for somebody to port it over so I'm trying to do it myself I have no experience and I've mostly got it working except for sounds and I need to figure out how to move the location inside of the aircraft of the pilot further down but that part can wait I want to get the sound working I've already got jet sounds to work properly and I have yet to switch everything to WSS for Arma 3 yes I have to convert it out of WSS from ARMA 2 that part's easy however coating is not my strong suit neither is punctuation and I've already got the sounds for the engine working somehow Any help or advice would be deeply appreciated and I can't seem to really find any good tutorials anywhere on explanations here's the config.cpp code