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    Multiplayer Respawn on Static Ships

    So while I couldn't fix the original mission, I've now successfully managed to make the spawns hold elsewhere. Thanks for the advice, there seems to be some other underlying issue with all of this, but it isn't rearing its head towards me anymore.
  2. Kassaran

    Multiplayer Respawn on Static Ships

    I think it might be fixed now, but it'll take a minute for me to make sure. I'm pretty sure it was just the Toggle Surface Snapping button which was making it nigh impossible to do otherwise. Surprisingly enough, I figured it'd just spit someone out at or above the altitude the module was placed at, but maybe there's an additional functionality in placing it "on" a surface? Anyways...
  3. Kassaran

    Multiplayer Respawn on Static Ships

    So, I've gone through and spawned in both of the ships as part of a 'fleet'. I've done my research into how to create multiple respawn points for NATO, including the variable naming conventions and using respawn_west prefix. The problem comes in making the spawn put players on static ship surfaces. So while I can make a ship spawn in, and I can spawn players in, the spawnpoint refuses to put players onto the ships.
  4. Hey, so I've got a question regarding the setting up of multiplayer spawns *on* static ships in ARMA 3. No matter what I do, I am unable to successfully spawn onto a static ship, such as in the hangar bay of a destroyer, or on the flight deck of a carrier. Is there some secret Bohemian sorcery that I simply don't know that makes it work, because there's absolutely zero material out there on this matter and it's beginning to get frustrating.