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  1. Sophecles


    @Jezuro Nice to hear development is still happening on Warlords! I've put down some issues I've noticed over the past year or so, hope its helpful. Glitches/Exploits: - DAGR glitch: enables footsoldiers to load a DAGR through arsenal and fire it handheld automatically - Auto-turret glitch: placing auto turrets under hills/rocks, and blocking zones indefinetly. Would recommend that auto-turrets don’t factor into a zone’s capture, since its impossible to prevent people from glitching into the ground. - Troll alts: Trolls disconnecting and switching to different soldiers before being vote-kicked. Would recommend that votes become additive to a player on the same account if they log on the server with a different solider than previous (to slowly build up kick-votes and get them out). Realise this is a bit complicated, but I noticed that if you mute someone it carries across to their alts, so they’re definitely tracked somehow by the server. Overall balance issues: - Players initially placed on bluefor, so that team accumulates more noobs/trolls and usually looses. Would recommend randomizing initial team selection, and have team locking after 10 min. - DIY artillery: Rhino has no radar signature when hidden in warehouses & tall bushes and can accurately fire an ATGM from 8 km. Kajman can do a similar effect and fire Skyfire rockets full-auto across the map when hovering on a hilltop over an ammo truck. - Arsenal glitch: can drag items from arsenal straight onto the ground (make infinite UAVs & auto-turrets, & place Apers mine dispensers) - More strict TK rules: TK in spawn should immediately ban someone until restart. TKing a friendly vehicle inside a friendly (and uncontested) zone should also be an immediate ban until restart. This would help a lot with cracking down on trolls. Wishlist: - Game start time at 4:00 am (sunrise) with faster timespeed and even faster nighttime speed - Weather effects - Random initial base spawns (we currently have the map plan memorised) - Implementation of aircraft carrier & destroyer (perhaps initial base?) - Randomise both player teams (able to play as independent) - Soft implementation of attack drones (2 per team)
  2. Sophecles


    @Jezuro Disabling turret placement while in proximity to enemies is working well, though some exploiters have found a new workaround by placing auto-turrets under the ground and inside bins. Might be easiest just to remove an auto-turret's ability to contest a zone altogether.
  3. Sophecles


    Agreed, Bluefor being swarmed by all the noobs and trolls is the main reason experienced players actively switch to Opfor. Just randomizing the team assignment for new players would solve that. One thing that KOTH team balancing does badly though, is you can be switched teams like 3 times in a game if there populations fluctuate alot, which kills any hope of teamplay. So players should always have the choice to switch to a disadvantaged team rather than being auto-switched, and if they do switch, I'd recommend all their vehicles and CP be refunded to 100%, even get a little 10% bonus or something. For teamswitching you could probably just lock players after they're on a team for more than 5 minutes, I've seen certain Wasteland servers where the team locking persists even if they leave and reconnect. I'm familiar with Fog of War, but how does that work in Arma 3? Its not the same as view distance right?
  4. Sophecles


    Spectrum device could be a good counter, but its not available in the arsenal You can pretty easily maintain air superiority on Bluefor with only the AAC, just by having two wasps doing rotations. Juju and I did it countless times, hammering Opfor down to their quadbikes. In many cases the Wasp is actually a better fighter since you can control both skies and ground, while intercepting with radar campers trying to sneak in. Fatigue of having to explain to the likes of you every game why capturing AAC over north Ammolofi, and breaking down into kindergarden sized chunks how air superiority affets the survivability of allied ground units just drained us of our energy. We'd be doing circles over Opfor without a single radar ping to bomb, and Bluefor would be sitting, half AFK and half retarded trying to push Opfor before backaping. And yes actually, if it shoots a single shell from 8 km out I think its unbalanced. If Bluefor ever gets more decent pilots like Kullwarrior and Opfor somehow loose air superiority and finds itself on the defensive, to the point of building a 30k Rhea, a Bluefor Rhino can just snipe it outside of enemy range, without even having a radar signal, essentially invisible in the bushes. As you said it yourself, its not suppose to be artillery. So you shouldn't have any objection to reducing the ATGM shell maneuverability to 10 - 15 degrees from its firing direction, so it cant shoot over hills or from factories, and limit laser detection range to 3 - 4 km which is the currently visibility range in Warlords. Somehow I get the feeling you'll still disagree, and for that same reason perhaps Livonia is a better place for you, where you can exploit your broken Rhino mechanic from your bush without fear of air repercussions.
  5. Sophecles


    Most SDVs I've seen are pretty close to the surface like 5 m below surface, Neph's AGs can usually lock it, if not a good old GBU.
  6. Sophecles


    No more unlimited Rhinos? For once Kestrel, you're making sense. Its ridiculous that one side has artillery with the ATGMs and not the other, thats the biggest imbalance in Warlords ATM. Especially since you can hide them in bushes and factories which removes its radar signature. And you're tactic is flawed. In fact it's worse if Shikra pilots transition into Nephs, since we can then lock and easily wipe out Bluefor armor and infantry with 4x AGs and the 40x rockets, forcing Bluefor to captured towns on foot... and even then we can identify bluefor's contested zone spawn and park a kajman to swat blue infantry with skalpels, essentially putting bluefor to a complete sandstill. Its actually even more of an incentive to attack bluefor once you're free of having to patrol in a Shikra, we literally only buy that plane to fend off wasps and intercept the hummingbirds and SDVs sneaking into opfor territory since they have better radar (shirkas identidy SDVs and Nephs/Kajmans/Xians bomb them). The only thing that changes by removing shirkas/wasps, is we don't have to patrol in one anymore to protect our CAS and don't have to worry about the only thing that threatens our airspace, being wasps. So now instead of finding 3 shikras over AAC, you'll find 5 Nephs, which is actually far worse if you're trying to defend ground assets. The a-10 flies like a brick with terrible climbing, so you don't really need to worry about those in a Neph. In fact its the same Shirka vs Wasp thing happening all over, except this time its just about the Neph flying faster than the A-10, but having a whole arsenal of AGs instead of a measely 3 GBUs. So hey, if you want to crippled Bluefor with that, I won't complain 😄 If you really want to protect bluefor aircraft spawn, I'd recommend both team's bases be in an aircraft carriers just off the shore protected by a destroyer, armed with full AAs. Their location can be randomized, which is an awesome concept and a perfect way of adding some fun new strategy to Warlords. That gives you what, 2 CIWS and spartan launchers with a denial zone of around 8 km? So you can take off your jets without being camped, you can repair the turrets for lets say 10 k, and it adds a really fun ship assault for the last objective 🙂 One last thing, occasionally we let Bluefor camp molos AF and call in a kajman every now and then to make them feel important while using Selekano airfield, it literally removes 2 - 3 of the more competent bluefor players + Ais from the battle 🙂
  7. Sophecles

    Warlords gamemode balancing is garbage

    I've noticed the opposite actually on the US warlords servers. Since people are placed by default on Bluefor, that team racks up all the noobs and trolls who don't know or dont care about switching teams. So you often find Opfor accumulating more of the experienced players, and as a result it wins nearly every game. What would solve this would be for the server to place new players randomly on teams by default, so even if you can immediately switch teams, noobs, troll and whatnot are evenly spread out. When it comes to balancing team numbers by putting a black screen over your view, its pretty good, like that if im playing with a friend I can just wait for more people to join the enemy team for the mask to disapear and not be split from my friends. One thing we do really need though is team locking. Often when we've got guerrilla war-fighters or simply when we've been hammering the other team with air superiority too long, some Bluefors get all salty, switch teams, then call out positions on global channel.