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  1. I tried this but the AI still dies from explosions. I honestly do not care much about the hidden AI unit talking or reporting enemy positions on the radio at least not in this mission. I think I found a solution. I just disable and allow damage like wogz187 said above via triggers. I was going to ask you pierremgi how I disable damage for an entire group etc but I read some of your replies on my past posts and I figured it out : ) { _x allowDamage false; } forEach units unit1; This will set the damage to false in every unit in a group I do not know how to script but thanks to your past posts I was able to write this one line of code lol. Im not sure how this code works entirely but it does. I really need to look more into scripting. Slowly but surely I suppose it is a lot to take in.
  2. Does anyone know why this is the case? I am using the show/hide module which is very useful in building missions. The problem I have run into is if an explosion happens close enough to the hidden unit it will be dead when it is revealed after the trigger fires etc. I have tried the same thing with bullets from rifles,LMGs and HMGs and the unit is perfectly fine once it is shown but not when an explosion is nearby it is dead.
  3. Hello everyone I have run into a problem that I cannot find a solution for. I have done some research and come close to finding the solution but still no cigar. I am still a noobie when it comes to all this but I am trying. Essentially I am trying to have one trigger enable another trigger similar to the post I found below on reddit. If you see the attached picture on IMGUR I posted, this is exactly what I am trying to do. It helps if you read my post side by side with the picture open. When Soldier1 dies Trigger1 is fired revealing Soldier2. Then when Player1 OR Player2 walk into Trigger2 Trigger3 is fired revealing Soldier3. Essentially the final result is Soldier2 and Soldier3 are both now revealed but only after you or your squad members walk into Trigger2 does Soldier3 appear. This is useful when in a mission your player or squad is aware of Soldier2 and then tries to flank Soldier2 and then Soldier3 pops up and attacks you. https://imgur.com/a/54zP0rw Trigger3 is simple and relies on the two triggers before it being activated. The condition for Trigger3 is this. Condition: triggerActivated Trigger1 && triggerActivated Trigger2; My problem is with Trigger2. Here is the problem I do not want soldier3 to be revealed until after soldier1 is dead AND THEN a member of your squad (Player1 or Player2) is detected in Trigger2 trying to flank Soldier2. The reason for this is simple I don't want Trigger2 to be activated too early in the game when a friendly unit walks into it. This would reveal Soldier3 too early in the mission if Player1 or Player2 walked into Trigger2 before Trigger1 fired. So the solution seems to be as follows which I found on the reddit post. Trigger2's condition is as follows. Condition: (triggerActivated trigger1) && Player1 in thisList && Player2 in thisList; Now this works but only when both Player1 and Player2 are BOTH in the trigger together. How do I make this work when EITHER its Player1 or Player2 in Trigger2? This is important as some members of your squad may be dead and you don't want to make this trigger require your entire squad present.
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    Trigger enabling a trigger?

    You saved the day again lol thank you so much this works. You also helped me on my first post 😄.
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    Trigger enabling a trigger?

    If I try the following. (triggerActivated trigger1) && Player1 in thisList OR Player2 in thisList; This works only for Player1. If Player2 enters Trigger2 too early (big concern) and comes back out and kills Soldier1(setting off Trigger1 revealing Soldier2) Soldier3 appears instantly at the same time that Soldier2 appears even though Player2 has not entered Trigger2 at the appropriate time like when trying to flank Soldier3. All of this is because Player2 triggered Trigger2 too early.
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    Trigger enabling a trigger?

    Thank you for the reply unfortunately this did not work. Here is the error message. https://imgur.com/a/hYyC2PP
  7. Hello everyone I am not new to Arma but I am new to mission editing and I have no knowledge of scripting what so ever and I could really use some help. I am building a simple mission and one thing in particular has me confused. I am trying to get a trigger to activate when multiple groups are dead. For example I am making a mission where you defend against multiple groups attacking your position. Once they are all dead I would like the trigger to activate. I have four groups with multiple units inside. "tank" "tank2" "unit 1" and "unit 2" are all groups. At first I anticipated I would simply do the following. (!alive tank1) && (!alive tank2) && (!alive unit1) & (!alive unit2) but this does not work for groups only units. I could technically do !alive for each unit within the 4 groups but I have well over 20 units so it seems excessive. Is there an easier way to just do all the groups? I have read the article below on this topic but I still don't understand how exactly how to accomplish what I need. I feel the article below is complicated as I don't understand the context of jandrews mission. Can anyone help me try to understand this concept in reference to my mission? Thanks so much guys.
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    Multiple groups not alive trigger?

    Thank you so much it works. Also thanks for explaining how it works. If I ever find the time to learn how to script I will know exactly why it works as well.