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  1. https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/27159/this-gun-paired-with-new-6-8mm-ammunition-could-be-the-armys-next-standard-issue-rifle This should probably go in the off topic forum, but I couldn't find it for some reason. If any mod sees this please move it. It looks like the MX series of rifles aren't THAT far fetched. I don't know if anyone's posted this yet, but the Army is apparently trying to move to a new rifle chambered in 6.8mm. I've been following the various programs to replace the M4 for a while now, and it finally looks like they're moving ahead with it. I'm very well aware that these sorts off things are going on all the time and come to nothing, but it seems like they're a bit more serious this time around.
  2. I know they commissioned a real firearm company to design the MX series, it looks they actually did a way better job then everyone thought. I'm liking the sound of this. I really hope this new caliber is all it's cracked up to be. As someone who's toying with the idea of joining but who isn't a fan of M4s/M16s I'm very enthusiastic. Of course even if they adopt this it seems like they want to keep it closely resembling an AR. Then again if I had my way we'd be using either ACRs (in 6.8) or SIG55Xs. Neither of which is likely.
  3. First off if this is the wrong section for this kind of thing please delete it, this is my first post here 🙂 Unfortunately I'm kind of OCD, and I just realized that certain modded weapons bear the real company's name or the real name of the weapon. Opinions differ online about whether or not this violates any copyright laws. Basically I want to hear everyone's opinions on this, as I'm currently not going to use any mods that do this. 😞 (Also yes, I know all most of you aren't lawyers, I'll NOT hold anyone legally responsible for their answer lol. (Unless you're trolling me in an attempt to get me sued for billions of dollars, expect no mercy then!)) Thank you!
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    Copyright Laws

    Yeah, sorry about that. I was asking for peoples opinions on the legal side of it. It was really late when I wrote that, editing it now.