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  1. im sorry to ask this as i am sure its been asked plenty of times before now, ive just rented a dedicated server to start playing arma 3 with friends to just have some fun, we want it Coop vs AI only and all weapons and so forth availible to choose when selelcting a squad member at map start. is this possible for a start ? also i have no idea what im doing as such and i want to set up maps and the respawn ability but no idea what to type into the CFG to do it, ive also no idea what the map names are either to even do any of what i want. is there anybody on here that could help me out over discord at all or on steam ? i am dyslexic so trying to read alot of text is melting my brain and im getting stressed with trying to understand what im reading, people can laugh at thsi i dont mind as at 3.37am this morning after trying since around 6pm i lost the will to live with it and went to be and tried to sleep but was so annoyed at myself i didnt sleep, so alittle help and advice would be mint, first time poster and online player to ARMA as a whole had the game since day 1 but work and family got in the way of gaming full stop thanks in advance username on steam is spoonysrclan
  2. Spoony (DayZ)

    help setting up a dedicated server.cfg

    GTX Gaming, there is a default cfg but its always on the same map and you have to use admin or voting to change it,
  3. Spoony (DayZ)

    help setting up a dedicated server.cfg

    i tried that they said its the client who is responsible, thats why im asking for help 😞