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    Question on waypoints from the client side when playing on public servers: I have only found so far that you can set one waypoint per group or individual. Is there a way to do multiple consecutive ones, from the client side, on the public servers? Also, is there a way to set loiter waypoints from the client side? Right now AI pilots are often unpredictable and being able to refine their behavior, i.e. have a blackfish circle an area of interest, or have an AI gunship do a search and destroy pattern on public servers would be useful. In addition, another question: There appear to be a number of items that can be used from the arsenal that don't exist in the list. For example, I've seen people placing mine dispensers. Are there any plans to either fix that or update it such everyone can use them? Thanks!
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    I was until you pointed that out. Thanks............ Nic. See you in game and hope those turrets aren't yours. Everyone appears to blame you for them either way if that is you. It took 3 tanks to cap a sector that had a single turret under the map. It cannot be destroyed. And, a single player can defend an entire sector from an entire team because of that. The turret will recap the sector if no one is there. Turrets should be removed until they fix this issue.
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    So, the dev blog said they fixed people placing turrets under the map. It didn't fully:
  4. Every time my team is winning, certain people start glitching turrets into the ground making sectors uncappable. This trick is a really easy one. You simply run uphill with an automated turret in hand and in spots it will disappear into the ground. It can not be blown up. And, makes a contested sector pretty much uncappable unless everyone is in tanks and none of them die. You spend countless hours playing to get into a winning state and single player can make further progression impossible. Arma3 warlords is not worth playing anymore.
  5. Do you know when it will be patched? Just today, someone put the turrets under the map and we could not capture the sector until that person left.
  6. Considering that you get up to 4 infantry, there is always the possibility of 4 times the AI compared to player base. Add 3 turrets and that's 7 times the AI compared to number of players. And, warlords would not be warlords without AI.
  7. Its using an exploit to gain an unfair advantage. That is called cheating. I used 3 arsenals trying everything from multiple satchel charges to multiple IEDs and not single one destroyed the turrets. So, my experience has been that they cannot be destroyed. The issue with the ED-1Ds could be partially resolved by fixing the arsenal exploit where you open inventory then arsenal and then can drop unlimited backpacks. It's often a single player whom drops all of those and then directs them into town using shift click on the UAV terminal where apparently they will shoot other players on sight.
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    Warlords gamemode balancing is garbage

    Lets not forget that on any full warlords server, there are usually 10 people afk at various spawns keeping people whom want to play from entering.
  9. Hey folks, All or most of the official west/east coast warlord servers appear to be broken. The high population ones are stuck at the beginning of the mission and you cannot select your first sector to attack. Low population ones appear to be stuck in "creating" where voting on a mission is obe because voting end months from now. Anyone know why they are this way? Thanks!
  10. Been playing this game for about a week. And, finally found 2 official BI servers that were very active and a lot of fun. Now they are gone. What happened to them?
  11. They went to 48 player servers but look like those are shutting down today. Only one left and it is locked atm.