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  1. NoobFriend-ZA

    Arma Tools

    Only restricted feature in the Free version is FTP access. This is just to ensure the stability of the server. All other features are available, just limits how much storage space each Workspace is limited to, and the number of users per workspace. Free is limited to 5mb which is enough for most small missions. The number of projects per Workspace is infinite, and the number of users increases with each paid package. We have not decided on Ads yet, as even we get annoyed by them, and we don't want to ruin the user's experience. If it does come to Ads to support the server, then we will aim for small ads that are non-intrusive.
  2. NoobFriend-ZA

    Arma Tools

    Hi and thanks 🙂 It has features such as FTP Access, Script Editor, PBO Packer, and Community Made Integrations for mod syntax highlighting support. We plan to make it an all-in-one mission editor that allows users to work on missions from anywhere.
  3. NoobFriend-ZA

    Arma Tools

    Arma 3 Tools is an online project management tool. It will allow users to collaborate on projects, pack PBOs, easily edit configs, user a full syntax script editor and share mission files. The project is currently in Development, but we wish to see who would be interested in this tool. It offers free and paid plans. If you are interested, please consider supporting us: https://www.patreon.com/darkcoffeestudios