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  1. well it shows i have gravatar when signed in. i then go to forums n profile pics blank. i go yo option use gravatar photo but it won’t. why even let me choose if it doesn’t work. lol. can a admin check to see if it’s bugged.
  2. Sean Lapointe

    possible stuff to add.

    Maybe maps where you can blow bridges up or maybe when u in snow for long periods prone you will be almost covered to make u more hidden but u will get cold n the longer you stay still ull not fire as straight n have to move b4 u take freezing damage. also maybe a flame thrower as weapon. it’s so cold in norway. we must warm things up. maybe on big maps there’s environment weapons like mortars n shells u can use. just spitballing. maybe even rock climbing equipment to climb cliffs n reach cabins or places for better sniping advantage or getting around a destroyed bridge.