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    *And the operation name finally made, which is called "Umbrella Take Down". Pretty cool right?



    In this mission everyone have limited respawn chances, if you run out, you fail the missions, also if everyone all get wipe all in the same time, the mission is also fail desu.

    This mission require minimum of 1 player (common sense), and up to maximum of 6 players as allow.

    The mission is: wipe out all the Umbrella members that around. There's a easter egg in the game, is easy to find, and it will become the future boss in the next CO-OP mission I about to publish.

    ps: The default time and weather is raining in the summer morning, you could also change those on the mission white board.

    So, enjoy it!

    At last, Panzer Vor!


    Here are some in game looks:






















  2. And I have been try to create a nice COD Juggernaut helmet, kind of my first arma 3 mod ever try to made.... and yeah, the logic of the way just made me complete fail over and over, and is not even worth a nice screenshot so i just get a picture of it after all.


    I'm giving up. 😞


    might as well as just create some nice missions after all.





  3. Hey everyone here!


    First, let me introduce myself. I am Chienoki Zhu, also known as Katusha02, a mission and mod creator of Arma 3. I had play arma since back to the cold war assault version, and yes, I'm a otaku that actually like everything in anime, so even modding and map creating I'm still prefer it in anime way. But I actually just began to create mods and missions,  and only had done two of the missions so far ahead.


    But anyway, as long as you guys don't against it, I will be more than happy to create and upload/post more mods and maps in the future.

    So, now, if you don't mind, here is my first co-op mission I had ever create it, feel free to try it out and give some complain. 😛


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