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  1. I’m a looking for a group that is willing to take me in as a pilot I was recently apart of a different group intel the whole thing fell down due to poor leader ship. So I’m looking for a new group in my previous group I was air command and lead all the pilots so I’m looking for another group to take me in as a pilot so I can work my way up the ranks and earn my place but please consider I am 14 almost 15 sense I know age is a huge factor in today’s groups message me if u are willing to take me. Steam OvercookedFarmboi
  2. I’m looking for a group to play and have fun with I’m not into super realistic stuff just things to do and have fun and mess around with and to be straight forward I’m 14 almost 15 sense I know age is a big factor like I said I’m looking for a group to play with and have fun not somthing like realism groups tho I am pretty good at flying in arma it’s my strong suit
  3. Hello I’m looking for a group of people to play arma with and have fun and mess around I’m not really into all of that super realistic stuff I just wanna have fun my age 14 almost 15 sense I know that’s a big part of who will accept me if any one thing I’m good at is being a pilot in arma I’m pretty good in my opinion
  4. The problem is I don’t know how to do any of that lol I’ll try my best
  5. I turn on the upnp option then I start it it up and it says setting up port forwarding then puts me on the screen where I select mission and map I do that and when it is all loaded up he can’t find it
  6. I need assistance with the dynamic combat ops because I would like to play with my friend so I host a sever through arma 3 hosting option turn it to internet and not lane name it and give it a password and host it but he can’t find it we can do it on almost anything else but dynamic combat ops we have seen people do multiplayer on it but we can’t get it to work.