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  1. I don't understand this game. Why did you make photorealistic graphics, while engine of this game is bottlenecking gpu and game runs very poorly. It is like trying implement battlefield 4 graphics into game, which uses engine from doom 1. I didn't find any benchmarks for geforce 2070 super. Only one video from vanilla campaign, which showed like 70 fps on ultra. But nothing demanding was happening. I don't understand this, these benchmark are usually made when nothing is happening so it shows a lot of fps, but reality differs. I have currently intel i7 3770k 4.1 ghz and geforce 780, 1600 mhz ram 16gb. And i have like 13 fps in arma contact. While i reduced details drastically, almost to lowest !!! It had no effect at all. I can't aim during fights, it is like playing doom on keyboard. I will be getting new pc, geforce 2070 super and waiting on new intel cpu and highspeed ram. But doubt it will help much. I don't think it will run on more than 30 fps honestly. This is so annoying, content without performance isn't playable. What is worse, movement in this game is buggy and yet with combination of low fps, it is hard to move around. Or make a shot. Btw there is forced negative acceleration into game, which mess up your muscle memory.. What is the point of such graphics, if you will never play even on half of it. And not even mentioning stupid ai, they see your through fog, or grass everywhere. I just lean from door (at night), to look around and they instant see me from 100 m away through grass and bushes and trees. I know this is a multiplayer game mainly. Single player in this game is pure garbo !!! Ai is god awful... Can't find how to use equipment, or can't change controls. I don't have numpad on my keyboard geez... Don't know where to go. This isn't really single player game... Just saying... This whole game doesn't make much of a sense... So anyway, i am really interested how game will run on new computer, but i don't have much hopes...
  2. I am replaying the game and feeling a bit rusty and i wanna complete autorotation tutorial. I did it somehow in past, but now i don't even. You have to fly in wind direction, but wind direction arrow on the gauge shows opposite direction, than where landing surface is. And i checked manual and there is only that arrow shows wind direction and nothing more, so i suppose it is correct. But thats is opposite what they want me to do. How i am supposed to do that than. Also my vertical speed drops down to quickly, i guess it is because wind direction is wrong, dunno. Also sometimes collective lowers automatically and sometimes you have to do it manually, which makes it harder and there is long time before you can repeat it. Also after i am given controls i have feeling helicopter start to descend to quickly and losing my initial speed, before i can do anything. I don't know how much i have fps and controls are a little bit laggy no matter what fps.
  3. empleat100

    cannot join server because of installed mods

    I know game utilizes all cpu by default probably this option is useless, don't even know why i have it ticked, but since game probably utilizes all cpu don't know why should it be problem either, even this game doesn't max on any cpu cores except 1, it is not even real hyperthreading. Where is exThreads=7 ? There are only 3 checkboxes to tick, this may improve performance a little. So i tried remove all this settings and yet removed addon files from above post and it works now. Are you doing that for a reason? Ye i was trying other malloc, because i have like 24 fps on server, but it is mainly because game doesn't utilize multicore cpus and gpu is bottlenecked, doesn't do much, if anything so i removed it. These were in Arma3 folder yesterday, one mod didn't work i was trying to put it there, since i don't remembered exact mod folder and there are like 2. I had installed previously only one mod and i had this issue that i cant join to any server with even one mod installed since 2012, or 13... While i was playing battleroyale fine with same setting. I heard there is a program a3sync for managing mod, but it is outdated, do you know if it works or not, because if install random mod, than same issue can originate. How i am supposed to know what i can install and what not, any mod i am installing can cause problems. Thanks for help btw! bump bump how to manage mods so this doesn't happen ? ?
  4. empleat100

    cannot join server because of installed mods

    I have no rpt file from not being able to join to server. My game didn't crash. Ah this is something else than when your game crashes and you can generate report and wiki says it is crash file, but it generated one even game didn't crash, when i tried to join server. http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=34396150733905078458
  5. No i cant i tried f22 from usaf mod and got access violation when loading mod... Hmm if maybe only some works, because not everything is made to be editable, it is not worth it probably..
  6. I unloaded all mods and deleted launch parameters and press start game without mods. Yet i cannot join any server. I know it is because of mods, because if i remove them it is okay. Shouldn't be happening. How to join vanilla servers when you have installed mods ???
  7. That's my point, main problem is to find something somewhere, i wanted spectator locations, so i can quickly switch between places and observer action and effects. But there was no info on official arma 3 wiki. So i found out command how to do it finally, but there were so many paramaters to fil in, but no description whatsoever. Even searching commands when i wanted to do other stuff, gave little to no description and nothing useful about what i needed. SDK's usually have little documentation and no support. So all work and tutorials is thanks to community modders. Arma 3 at least has forums, but still you can ask about everything everytime. Or you get error google doesn't even find word about it... Maybe if you have like 2kwpm and super memory you can figure it out, but same main problem is find information, it is just google fest, i tried multiple keywords and very often find almost nothing, or it doesn't even work. Like where i am supposed to find it... And if you learn like everything you can get your hands on than there is small chance you will learn how to do what you want to do eventually, but still, it kinda sucks. It is better to go learn c++ or something it at least has material to learn from and well documented. Still modding is kinda pointless, if you don't gonna do it in team, because it takes from weeks to months and than after couple minutes fun is over, or hours in case of big project and still many mods are crappy...
  8. Strange that guy has it like that and it is working and i don't think he has set anything aside. I found out you can call it with radio, which can be specified under trigger. But sometimes i would like to time it out when i enter trigger zone. So just create group like you said in init.sqf, my cas module already has position, but i didn't find specific command pos. Which syntax is for that - "pos [x, y]" ? So i just put [x, y] after pos command ? I don't know why i need position, given it is synced with trigger.
  9. Problem it doesn't work even without underscores: cas = group createUnit ["ModuleCAS1_F",pos , [], 0,""];
  10. I forgot to enter name of my module instead of CAS: cas = _group createUnit ["ModuleCAS_F",_pos , [], 0, ""]; But now i am getting error: global variable at local scope, while i am not using _ And no it is not my code, i don't know what to set for position. Because in this video is just said to connect cas module with trigger and paste that line.
  11. I am trying to get working cas effect module: When i paste this line in trigger to on activation window: cas = _group createUnit ["ModuleCAS_F",_pos , [], 0, ""]; I get error: missing ";". I have no idea what is wrong, i tried to google this, but it finds nothing. I get this error a lot. Any ideas what is wrong ?
  12. empleat100

    ALT+TAB Game Freeze

    Yeah game is not responding frequently, after alt-tabbing. Windowed mode may reduce performance, so you should always play fullscreen.
  13. I tried usaf addon, i picked f22 and unpacked it with pbo manager -> than converted config.bin to config.cpp -> changed max speed to 4000 -> packed it back to bin -> and than packed everything back to pbo. But i got access violation error upon loading mod. I was told you can easily edit jet speed in config without needing creating or modifying existing mod. Are there some jets, which allows this so i can give them any speed i want ?
  14. Very nice !!! However i have a problem: this overrides civilian presence position. I wanted civilians going to hide in buildings, while it worked previously now they are just running away. Also it would be nice to toggle panic mode on permanently, so i don't need fire near them to active it.
  15. empleat100

    Arma 3 bugged my disk partition

    Thanks! EDIT:It shows again and running cmd and pasting DevP.bat -clearInstall in arma tools directory doesn't work and cmd says: 'DevP.bat' is not recognized as an internal or external command, I open folder in which pd3 viewer was installed, it has another name, that's why i previosly couldn't find it and clicked on uninstall and it said it uninstalled disk P, so i suppose it is gone forever now.